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Last Updated: Saturday October 07 2006 10:02 GMT

Sportsround meets Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney

After his sending off at the World Cup Wayne Rooney was suspended from playing international football - but now he's back!

Sportsround caught up with the England and Manchester United star to quiz him about footie and what it's like to play a starring role in a new computer game Fifa 07.

What's it like to play as yourself in a computer game?

At first it was weird. Now I'm used to it it's nice, although probably when I play the game I try to do a bit too much with myself, and try to score as myself too.

So if you're playing and Ronaldo is in the perfect position you pass to Rooney so he can get the glory?

Yep. I'm trying to score from 30 yards when I should try and pass the ball.

In the game your celebrations are quite impressive. Is it embarrassing pretending to celebrate a goal?

It's weird because you can't take the enjoyment and excitement from a game into something else. It is difficult but it's something different. It's weird but it's good.

Maybe it could lead to some acting work...

I doubt it! It's different, but it's a good experience though.

So when the lads from United get together to play who is the best and who isn't so good?

I think Darren Fletcher is pretty good, but Wes Brown isn't so hot. I play on the same team with Wes and he's let me down a few times. We're all pretty good at it, but Fletch is best.

You have to wear a special suit to make the game? Any plans to wear the outfit in public?

No. I don't think I'll be wearing it outside the building. I enjoyed it though, I love smashing balls and I got to do that all day. The suit was a bit uncomfortable, but it wasn't unbearable.

You have a choreographer, what he does do?

He tells me what movements to do to get it right for the game. Otherwise I'd be here with no-one telling me what to do.

Do you think the computer game Wayne Rooney looks like the real Wayne Rooney?

Yeah, a bit. Every year the players on it get closer to reality, and in a few years they probably will be even better.

The game is great for kids isn't it? They can find out what it's like to run out at Old Trafford can't they?

To do it in real life is breathtaking, but the stadiums in the game are more or less the real thing so you can feel the atmosphere.

It may look just like you in the game, but where's the beard?

I'm just being a bit lazy, I can't be bothered to shave.

Some stories say you won't shave until you score a goal again, that's not true is it?

I don't know where they got that from. But the longer I leave it the less I want to get rid of it. I think I'll have to go to a hairdresser and get it taken off.

This is going to be your first game for Steve McClaren. Have you been involved in the friendlies even though you were suspended?

Yeah. I've spoken to a few of the lads and they've said they're really enjoying it. The training's a lot sharper and the coaching staff have been good.

With the last game at Old Trafford I went to the hotel to see the lads and get involved in it if I could. It was good to see the lads and it will be nice to meet up again and be among them.

After your last game for England, when you were sent off, is it important now to get playing for England?

Yeah, it's a great feeling to play for your country. Hopefully I can do well in the next game, help us win and get a goal or two as well.

You and Michael Owen have missed the last couple of games but even so, the qualifiers are already going well aren't they?

Yeah. The players who have come in have done really well. Especially Peter Crouch who has scored lots of goals. He's probably one of the first names on the team sheet at the moment.

Hopefully, I can come back and partner him up front and get back to playing.

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