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Last Updated: Friday October 06 2006 16:21 GMT

I go to a book club at my library

An open book

Chris goes to a reading group once a fortnight at his local library.

At his group they chat about what books they love and hate, meet famous authors and read books before they're even published!

"Every fortnight we're given a book to read. Sometimes everyone in our group reads the same book but mostly we read different books and then tell each other about them.

Once I've read my book I write down my thoughts about it on a review card.

If you don't like a book then you can say so - you can give it one out of 10 if you want to!

Brand new books!
Press Packer Chris in his local library
Press Packer Chris in his local library

My favourite thing about going to the reading group is that we get to read books before they're published.

We get given proof copies - sometimes they don't even have front covers!

It's great getting to read them before anyone else.

Famous writers

We also get to meet authors.

We ask them questions, talk to them about what inspires them and get their autographs.

It's a nice experience because hardly anyone else gets to meet them.


I knew one or two of the other kids at my reading group and I've made new friends there too.

There are 12 of us when it's full and we all have different opinions which is interesting to hear.

I definitely think people should try going to a reading group. It gives you inspiration and creativity like nothing else can.

And a good book can make you feel like you're really there!"

Chris, 10, London

National Children's Book Week 2006 runs from 2 October to 8 October.

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