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Last Updated: Friday October 06 2006 14:57 GMT

Quake survivors talk to Newsround

Kids at a temporary school in Pakistan

Kids who survived the huge earthquake in south Asia a year ago have been telling their stories to Newsround.

The earthquake struck on 8 October 2005 when most children were at school. More than 79,000 people were killed and 11,000 kids were left without parents.

Nazar was in lessons: "I was sitting in school, it was the second class and the ground started shaking. I thought the world had come to an end."

Loads of schools collapsed and many kids had to be pulled from the rubble.

Most survivors are now back at school, but many of them are scared another earthquake could strike the same area.

Yasir survived the earthquake
Yasir from Balakot said: "My school completely collapsed, most of my classmates died. I was lucky."

This time, instead of being built from cement and rocks, the schools are being made from stronger materials.

They got walls made of strong wood and ceilings are made of iron. The new schools are much less likely to collapse so kids won't be hurt or killed.

Winter in tents

It's a massive job to rebuild the schools and will take years, because thousands of them have been destroyed.

A year after the quake, it's thought that up to 1.8m people are living in temporary homes like tents.

The region affected by the earthquake
The region affected by the earthquake

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