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Last Updated: Friday October 06 2006 09:07 GMT

How useful are computer games?

School classroom

Computer games are not just for fun but they can also teach you to think clearly and make quick decisions, according to a study.

This is great news for all of you who are into gaming.

But do you agree? Do you think computer games can help you learn?

Perhaps you've been learning loads by playing on your computer or console?

Or maybe you think computer games are just for fun?

Would you buy educational computer games?

E-mail and tell us here.

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Your comments

Games are really good to help you learn but don't be on them too long! Foreign language ones are good for your German/French spelling.
Debz, 14, Bristol

I've got loads of computer games at home. And because I'm from The Netherlands and most of my games are English, I've learned loads of English in a very short time by playing them!
Lianne, 14, The Netherlands

Well I don't really play computer games, I only surf the Internet but I suppose that is really useful and helps you learn.
Katy, 11, Ipswich

I think it would be great if computer games were used for educational purposes but us kids have to get our exercise too! I play a great game that helps me make quick decisions and get to know other people around the globe.
Josh, 13, Crumlin

Of course! They are the best way to teach you as you get fun out of playing while also getting knowledge.
Sam, 10, London

Yes, I have learnt a lot of things from games, especially puzzle games.
Zak, 13, Doncaster

I don't think computer games in school are a good idea as it means children will be on games in and outside school and may not do anything else!
Amy, 11, Ashton

Games like 'Brain Training' are definitely useful for your brain, and they're fun too!
Ethan, 13, Newtown Abbey

I think that computers are super and should be used in schools more!
Alicia, 12, Manchester

I think that games should be used in classrooms. Not all the time though, even if textbooks do get a bit boring!
Martha, 11, Twickenham

I think it's a good idea. Games are much more fun than lessons and they really help you take in facts and stuff because you're concentrating so hard to win the game.
Ruth, 12, London

Some computer games can help you but other games are great fun to play. It wouldn't be a good idea to have computer games in school though!
Matty & Mikey, 12, Birmingham

Computer games in class is a great idea as I think adventure games help you learn and follow directions and stuff like that.
Yizalie, 9, Exeter

I think it would be good to have computer games in schools as it gives both teachers and children time to relax and yet the children are still being educated.
Lauren, 13, Belfast

I think it is a good idea as it could improve your physical education for your fingers and thumbs!
Mohammed, 12, Birmingham

I think that computer games would be good in classrooms because they're fun and you will enjoy the lessons more. My mum can't stop me playing on my PS2!
Henry, 11, Cranham

Yes, I think that gaming can help your learning at school as well as being fun!
Komal, 12, Shirley

Yes, I've learned lots of stuff on online revision games!
Holly, 12, Uttoxeter

I don't think that games should be used to teach. They can cause so many different problems such as bad eyesight and, finger and thumb pain. Schools should be using board games not computer games and I think it's silly that they may actually be allowing this to happen.
Jade, 13, Lisburn

I think all games can help you, even fighting games because you have to think of how you are going to win and make plans.
Scott, 13, Glasgow

I think that computers are really good to use because they are fun and can help us learn.
Paige, 12, Northampton

I think that computer games in class is a good idea, then everyone might enjoy school much more.
Vicky, 13, Weymouth

I don't think computer games would help us learn because most kids already play them regularly anyway. It would just increase the number of people who need glasses and if you spend too much time on them you can get headaches.
Beth, 13, Herne

I learn a lot from computer games because they are fun as well as being educational.
Jade, 12

I play The Sims 2 and I think it's good because you have to keep people alive and pay bills and go to work.
Molly, 12, Rochdale

I think this is a great idea! I was playing Animal Crossing yesterday and I found out that snails have 20 000 teeth!
Emily, 12, Felixstowe

No, I don't think they are useful, they are ok for having fun and playing with your friends, but I don't think they teach you anything!
Charli, 12, Leicester

Of course they help you learn! At last, adults believe us! It was computer games that helped me learn how to read. If anything, video games are so educational that we should get to use them in school too.
Maeve, 10, Armagh

I think computer games can vary depending on the content of what it contains. Obviously fighting games are not educational but games with riddles or logic puzzles can help kids.
Alex, 12, Shepperton

I think it helps you learn a lot. I can only do computer at school because of my gaming skills.
Ellie, 13, Leeds

I think computer games are a great way to learn because the facts go into your head without you knowing.
Gemzy, 13

No, I don't think they can help you learn unless of course they are educational!
Emilie, 11

I love computer games, they are so much fun. I learn when I play!
Esme, 9, London

Some computer games can help you learn which are related to school subjects and topics. Other games don't help you, they are to play for fun.
Michael, 12, Birmingham

Yeah, I think this idea is the best. I've dreamt of a day where all we do at school is play computer games!
William, 12, Rickmasworth

I'd say this is true. I use the computer a lot, and I'm a quick decision maker. My brother is pretty good too and he's always on his PS2.
Zahra, 14, London

Some computer games help me a little bit with my studies.
Rob, 13, Stoke

I think this is brilliant because I play and computer games nearly every weekend. I am happy that it has all paid off in a way!
Georgie, 12, Edenbridge

We think that games can help you learn because some are just fantasy but some are about learning stuff too.
Daniel, 9, Broseley

We don't think that computer games can help us learn because we don't know if it's fiction or not.
Lucy and Zach, 9 and 10, Broseley

Yes, I found computer games useful and a good help.
Saad, 12, Wakefield

I believe that computer games do not help you learn as they distract you from doing your school work. I'm only allowed to play on my computer at weekends.
Daniel, 10, Edinburgh

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