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Last Updated: Tuesday October 03 2006 15:46 GMT

Newsround chats to Robin Hood stars

Robin Hood

There's a new hero coming to our TV screens on Saturday - Robin Hood.

Bosses hope the show will do just as well as Doctor Who did in getting families sat around the TV watching the same programme together.

Lizo caught up with the stars of the new show to get the inside gossip.

Lizo: What's the attraction of Robin Hood coming back?

Jonas Armstrong (Robin Hood): I think it's because he's been gone for so long. The last time he was on our screens was in the 80s, so that was 20 years ago.

The show has got something for all members of the family, it's a story of good versus evil, with Robin being the good guy and the Sheriff the bad guy.

There is a lot of action that we all prepared for very heavily, which hopefully paid off. And there's a little bit of a love thing going on as well.

What was your co-star Lucy, who plays Marion, like then?

Jonas: She's great. I'm amazed she's only 19. She's very capable, and very mature and looks fantastic on screen and is a joy to work with.

There's a lot of action, how many of your own stunts did you do?

Jonas: We tried to do all our own fights, and stunt-wise I do as much as I can and as much as the producers and insurers will let me.

My stuntman is fantastic. When you see the stuff with Robin doing back flips off roofs and stuff - that's the stuntman.

All the other stuff - the fighting and horse-riding - that's me.

How hard was that to do?

Jonas: It was exciting and quite daunting. We arrived on set in Budapest, I was picked up the following morning at 7am, and was taken to the stables.

We were introduced to a horse, thrown on the back of one and that was it. It was very intense training and difficult. We were all very raw and sore on our backsides, but I think it paid off, I think everyone looked great.

How good are you with a bow and arrow?

Jonas: I'm good, I can hit the target but I couldn't shoot an apple off your head like in William Tell.

Lucy Griffiths as Maid Marion
Lucy Griffiths plays Maid Marion

Lizo: What kind of woman is Marion?

Lucy Griffiths (Maid Marion): I think she's a lot stronger than people are expecting. She does get rescued very occasionally, but she also rescues. She's a bit of a fighter herself.

She doesn't swoon and just fall into Robin's arms, like in the cartoon. They had a relationship that started before he went away to war so when he comes back she's really quite put out by the time he left her.

She's quite witty and cutting with him. She ridicules the way he saves people and thinks he should be more organised and planned in how he does things.

Did you get to do any stunts?

Lucy: We arrived two weeks early so we could practise our horse riding and archery. I didn't do as much archery as the boys because they started as soon as the filming started.

My character, who I change into a bit when she fights, didn't happen until later in the series, so to start with I did horse riding and that was it.

As it's gone I've done more physical stuff like punching and with arrows.

One of the big questions... do you get to snog Robin Hood?

Lucy: I can't tell you that, I don't know myself yet. We've had rewrites on the last few episodes and things keep changing, I might get to, I might not.

How would you feel if you did get to?

Lucy: Is he (Jonas) here? It would be lovely, really nice.

For more on Robin Hood, including interviews with baddies the Sheriff of Nottingham (played by Keith Allen) and Guy of Gisbourne (played by Richard Armitage) check out the Newsround broadband player.

The first episode of Robin Hood is on BBC1 on Saturday 7 October at 7pm.

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