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Last Updated: Monday October 02 2006 18:24 GMT

Shooting at school in America

Emergency helicopter

A gunman has attacked a school in America, killing three girls, according to the police.

Seven other people were also very badly hurt in the attack in the town of Nickell Mines, and are in hospital.

Emergency services have gone to the very small, one-room school to help the wounded. Police say the gunman was found dead in the school.

While this is a very sad event, it's important to remember that it's very rare and you shouldn't be worried.

Police say the gunman was a 32-year-old truck driver called Charles Roberts IV, who was found dead in the school.

This is seen as very unusual because it happened to a group of people known as the Amish.

They are a community who are very against violence, and don't use things like cars or electricity, so the shooting is very surprising.

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