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Last Updated: Monday October 09 2006 15:17 GMT

Storyboard - Kylie Minogue

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Kylie Minogue


Kylie Minogue has written a children's book called The Showgirl Princess.

It is the story of a girl who grows up to be a singing superstar and was written by Kylie about her own life.

This lesson will enable children to create a storyboard of their life as if they were writing a book about themselves.

Learning aims

  • Be able to describe and sequence incidents in a variety of ways - storyboards.


    Click below to read the story:

    Show a comic and explain that this type of story telling is based around a storyboard. Each segment is placed in chronological order.

    Explain that some books use picture storyboards without words so that readers can make up their own text. Other authors use a storyboard to plan their stories before writing the whole text.

    Kylie the showgirl
    Model a blank storyboard which is divided into six areas. Present the life of a imaginary child, or one from your class, which can be used as the stimulus for the storyboard.

    Discuss the elements to focus on, for example, being a baby, toddler, school beginner age, infant/junior, hopes for the future, and key events in their lives associated with these age groups. Record these on board for use in the next step of the lesson.

    Main activity

    Children work individually, in pairs or small groups to devise the six elements of their life they want to concentrate on.

    Next, children add pictures onto the storyboard and add a small piece of text summing up what is happening.


    Cut out the storyboard and make it into a book including features like a cover, index and blurb.

    Create a storyboard on another person - a celebrity, family member or someone from the class.


    Give six children pieces from a storyboard and challenge them to arrange themselves in chronological order.

    Teachers' background
    • Kylie started acting when she was 11 and starred in a number of Australian soaps which included Skyways, The Sullivans and The Henderson Kids.
      Kylie Minogue
      Kylie in 2006
      At 17, she left school and got a role playing tomboy car mechanic Charlene Mitchell in Neighbours which catapulted her to stardom in 1986. Her on-screen relationship with Jason Donovan helped make Neighbours the highest rating TV programme in the UK at the time.

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