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Last Updated: Saturday September 30 2006 11:19 GMT

Loo breaks row at top chess match

Vladimir Kramnik (left) with Veselin Topalov

When you're deep into a game of chess, do you get the urge to go to the loo?

It seems that's what happens to top-class player Vladimir Kramnik and his opponent Veselin Topalov isn't happy about it.

Mr Kramnik is going to the toilet 50 times in some of their matches, and Mr Topalov has complained.

The pair are playing a three-week series of matches in southern Russia, with Mr Kramnik leading after four games.

Mr Kramnik did not show up for the pair's fifth game on Friday, saying: "My dignity does not allow me to stand for this situation."

Whatever the outcome, the players were due to share the prize money of 534,000.

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