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Last Updated: Friday September 29 2006 17:59 GMT

In pictures: X06 games event


Gaming experts from all over the world came to Barcelona for X06 - the main event for showing off what's coming up for the XBox 360


Hundreds of hard-core gamers tried out the latest technology at the green-coloured event

Marvel Ultimate Alliance

Top new titles, like Marvel Ultimate Alliance, were put on display

Need For Speed: Carbon

Need For Speed: Carbon raced its way into the world

Sonic the hedgehog

One old favourite, Sonic the Hedgehog, made his spiky comeback

Guitar Hero II

What's this fella doing? Is he at the right event?

Guitar Hero II

Yes he is - he's showing off Guitar Hero II, and the poor guy was playing tunes all day!

Lego Star Wars

Does this scene look familiar? It's from the second Lego Star Wars game, which is pretty odd, but lots of fun

Viva Pinata

And this cheery horse was one of the stars of the show, as he appears in Viva Pinata

Viva Pinata

While this guy is Dastardos, a baddie in the game which is kind of virtual gardening. Don't be put off by that - once you start, it's tough to stop playing!

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