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Last Updated: Thursday September 28 2006 14:20 GMT

Quiz: Ancient treasures


Question 1

For something to be officially recognised as "treasure" in law, how old must it be?

A: More than 100 years old
B: More than 200 years old
C: More than 300 years old

Question 2

Which group of people ransacked Britain for treasures in the 9th and 10th centuries?

A: The Vikings
B: The Celts
C: The Argonauts

Question 3

When did the silver penny (Old English ‘pening’) replace the gold shilling?

A: 40s AD
B: 670s AD
C: 1800s AD

Question 4

How many ships do experts estimate have sunk around Britain's waters since humans first took to water?

A: 50,000
B: 150,000
C: 250,000

Question 5

When was the Treasure Act made?

A: 1996
B: 1896
C: 1796

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