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Last Updated: Wednesday September 27 2006 18:38 GMT

I interviewed a top politician!

Chris and Becky chat to Gordon Brown

Chris and Becky won a competition to interview top politician Gordon Brown.

Here Chris reports on what it was like chatting to the man who some people think might be the next Prime Minister.

"We travelled to the conference centre and walked around for a bit before going to Gordon Brown's hotel for our interview.

We were taken up to his room and onto the balcony where we practised asking our questions with the TV production team before Gordon came in.

Then we arrived and we had a chat before the cameras started filming. He was really nice and I was surprised - I didn't realise he would be so friendly after I read about him in the papers.


Gordon Brown
He asked us about school and what our favourite subject was and whether we were interested in politics. He also asked us about our families.

The interview started and I felt a bit nervous - I was thinking "Wow, that's Gordon Brown!"

We had thought up the questions together - including a few tricky ones.

We asked him if he had achieved all of his goals in life and he said he hadn't which was interesting. He didn't say he wanted to be Prime Minister after Tony Blair but I think he does.


After the interview we had our picture taken with Gordon Brown and our mums - I'll keep it with the autograph I got of Tony Blair when we bumped into him outside his hotel.

Gordon Brown
I think Brown will be the next Prime Minister but I'm not sure he'll be as good as Tony Blair because Tony Blair was really good.

I'd like to be a political correspondent and I thought this was a brilliant experience - it was so good to be a part of it all.

We also met some famous reporters in there like Hugh Edwards and Jeremy Paxman - I got some tips from them and it was really interesting."

Chris, 15, Glasgow

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