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Last Updated: Wednesday September 27 2006 16:24 GMT

Quiz: Koala

A koala

Question 1

Koalas only eat the leaves of one tree - what's it called?

A: Bamboo
B: Eucalyptus
C: Horse chestnut

Question 2

About how many hours a day do koalas sleep?

A: 1-2
B: 10-12
C: 16-20

Question 3

How long is a koala pregnancy?

A: 35 days
B: Six months
C: Two years

Question 4

What kind of animal is a koala?

A: Bear
B: Marsupial
C: Reptile

Question 5

Where do koalas live in the wild?

A: North coast of Africa
B: West coast of Europe
C: East coast of Australia

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