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Last Updated: Wednesday September 27 2006 13:45 GMT

Gordon Brown meets Press Packers

Chris and Becky

Two Newsround Press Packers have caught up with one of the most important men in Britain.

Chancellor Gordon Brown is at a big Labour Party meeting in Manchester this week to work out how the party will run the country over the next year.

Chris and Becky quizzed him about what he thinks could be improved and what changes he would like to make.

Some people think Mr Brown could be the next Prime Minister when Tony Blair steps down from the job.

Mr Brown told Chris and Becky that he thinks kids should be offered more help and support at school with the things they're really good at.

He also said he was worried about the environment and that the worst thing about his job was not being able to give people bigger pay rises!

What changes are you making to help the environment?

Gordon Brown
Gordon Brown
We recycle everything at home as a family. I'm also very conscious that we've got to turn off the electricity at night for the television and telephone.

Like everybody we're becoming more conscious of the things we do even just using plastic bags - we're more conscious of the effects on the environment.
You've got to have a greater personal concern about the environment and you've got to have things change around the world.

If you were Prime Minister what would you do about the way schools are being run?

I think I would like to see more emphasis on young people getting their talents recognised, so if you're good at something you get more tuition, more help, more encouragement.

So if you're good at music or sports or computers or English there (would be) more personal encouragement, more tutors, more than just teaching, more small groups in the classroom so that you can develop your own talents to the full.

Why should we be interested in politics?

Chris and Becky
Chris and Becky
Because in the end it does change people's lives.

If you don't have governments that will do things, if you don't have people prepared to make together decisions to have peace and prosperity, then things fall apart.

It's about how we run a society.

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