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Last Updated: Wednesday September 27 2006 12:29 GMT

Get ready for gaming PE lessons

Kids using gaming exercise equipment

Playing computer games isn't known for getting you fit, in fact lots of people say they do the opposite

But some schools are now replacing PE lessons with some new games that don't just test your fingers and thumbs, but give your whole body a workout.

The games are even turning up in leisure centres and children's gyms.

Some of them will be familiar, but they've been given a sporty new twist.

First up is machine dance, which uses dance mat technology. But instead of competing to beat your top score you take on up to 31 other kids all watching the same screen to see who's best.

And if that doesn't sound like exercise to you, remember that top dance mat gamers can dance up to 18 steps a second.

Another piece of kit is the Sportwall, which gives kids a chance to hit something as hard and as fast as they can.

Lights flash on that you need to hit with a piece of foam. You score points for the number of lights you hit in a certain time. You can play against a pal or in a team.

The Exer-Station Pro looks like a normal console controller, but you have to move your body to control the on-screen action and not just your thumbs and fingers.

Four people can use it at once, and the machine has levels so it pushes back against you and making the game more of a challenge.

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