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Last Updated: Wednesday September 27 2006 10:54 GMT

Albatrosses at risk of dying out


Wildlife charities want something to be done really quickly to help save a type of seabird in danger of dying out.

As many as 100,000 albatrosses are killed every year by a certain type of fishing, but not that many albatross chicks are born in the same time.

Lots of the birds live in places controlled by the British government so it's being asked to help.

The Save The Albatross campaign says there are simple ways of making fishing safer for the birds.

Albatross facts
Bird scaring measures on a fishing line
They can fly for as many as five years without landing
They can live for 60 years, but many don't survive that long
The Wandering Albatross flies as far as 10,000km to find food for its chick
They have a bigger wingspan than any other bird

They want the government to try and encourage fisherman to attach bits of plastic to their fishing lines that will scare away the birds.

Without the plastic the birds see the fish being caught and try to catch them too, often getting dragged under the water by the hooks and drowning.