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Last Updated: Wednesday September 27 2006 06:56 GMT

Boy in hospital after dog attack

The house where a boy was attacked by a dog

A 14-month-old boy has been attacked and hurt by a dog, four days after another baby was killed by dogs.

The boy is in hospital in West Sussex and doctors there don't think his injuries are bad enough to kill him.

The attack happened when the boy was at his grandma's house. Like the attack a few days ago the breed of dog involved was a Rottweiler.

After that earlier attack an expert told Newsround that attacks like these ones are "very uncommon".

Vet Tricia Mundy said if kids feel nervous around dogs, they should stand still and then move away calmly, without looking the dog in the eyes.

The dog that attacked the boy has been put down which means it has been killed by a vet in a way that didn't hurt.

On 24 September a baby girl called Cadey-Lee was attacked by two Rottweiler dogs in Leicester and was killed.

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