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Last Updated: Tuesday September 26 2006 13:46 GMT

Quiz: Barn owls

Barn owl

Question 1

What is the Latin name for the barn owl?

A: Tyto alba
B: Tyto alma
C: Tyto alpha

Question 2

Barn owls are in danger of dying out now. But in 1932, how many breeding pairs of the creatures were there?

A: 12,000
B: 22,000
C: 32,000

Question 3

A circle has 360 degrees. How far around can a barn owl move its head?

A: 70 degrees
B: 170 degrees
C: 270 degrees

Question 4

Which are the bigger barn owls?

A: Males
B: Females
C: They're the same size

Question 5

How wide is the barn owl's wing span?

A: 21 to 27 inches
B: 41 to 47 inches
C: 61 to 67 inches

Question 6

What is unusual about the barn owl's ears?

A: They're really big
B: They're on different levels
C: They're green

Question 7

How far might a barn owl travel in one night to find its food?

A: 10 acres
B: 50 acres
C: 100 acres

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