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Last Updated: Monday September 25 2006 15:31 GMT

Dog attacks are rare, say experts

Dogs should get used to being touched
Dogs should get used to being touched
Dog attacks are very rare and there are some simple steps you can take to stop one happening - that's the message from animal experts.

It comes after a baby died when two Rottweiler guard dogs grabbed hold of her at a pub in Leicester.

Vet Tricia Mundy said that these type of attacks were "very uncommon".

She said that if kids feel nervous around dogs, they should stand still and then move away calmly, without looking the dog in the eyes.

Tricia, who works at the Village Animal Hospital in Surrey, gave Newsround some handy tips.

  • Most attacks happen when a dog is being teased, so if you treat an animal with respect, you are less likely to get hurt

  • It's important that dogs have proper training

  • You should get your pet used to being touched by humans

  • You should be able to lift your dog's feet, touch its tail and take its food away without the dog getting aggressive

  • Don't make friends with dogs if their owners aren't around

  • If you are concerned about dogs in the street, then cross the road to avoid them
The dogs that attacked the baby were not pets - they were guard dogs.
Cavalier King Charles
Cavalier King Charles

The baby was also a visitor at the pub, meaning they were not used to the child being around.

Rottweilers are hunting dogs. Some animal charities are worried that people will get rid of their pets if they're from this type of breed.

But Tricia said that the animal's behaviour was usually down to how it's been trained.

Top tip

For people who aren't used to dogs, Tricia had a top tip for a first pet.

She says the Cavalier King Charles dog makes an ideal pooch pal.

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