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Guides: Archery

Last Updated: Saturday September 23 2006 10:21 GMT

What is archery?

Archery is an Olympic sport, where people use bows to fire arrows at targets.

It's thousands of years old, and through the years has been enjoyed by kings, queens and even pharoahs in Egypt.

There are two types of archery, target and field.

In target archery you aim your arrows at a target a certain distance away. After a set number of arrows the target is moved to a different distance, but the archer stays in one spot.

In field archery you fire a certain number of arrows at a target. The archer then changes position to aim at a target in a different position. The targets could be up a hill, down a hill or even on the other side of some water.

It's important to remember though that a bow and arrow isn't a toy, it's a weapon. If you fancy taking up the sport you MUST go to a club to get started.

And if you get really good at it, you could be targeting a gold medal at the 2012 Olympics held in London.

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