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Last Updated: Monday September 25 2006 10:49 GMT

Do TV presenters take too many risks?

Lizo filming after Hurricane Katrina

TV presenter Richard Hammond is seriously ill after he crashed a jet-speed car while filming for the Top Gear programme.

And only two weeks ago wildlife expert Steve Irwin, famous for the TV show The Crocodile Hunter, died while making an underwater film in Australia.

So now some people are saying we should take a closer look at the risks TV presenters are asked to take.

Is it OK for TV presenters to do scary stunts or go to dangerous places to film?

Or perhaps no-one should put themselves at risk just to make entertaining TV programmes?

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Your comments

I think some TV presenters do take risks but it's their choice and no one should stop them doing what they do best.
Mandy, 11, Guildford

They were accidents!
Alex, 3, Horsham

I do think presenters take too many risks and it's up to them if they want to put their lives in danger.
Jenni, 13, Woking

I was a big fan of Steve and I think presenters should be more careful.
Alisha, 8, Chaillac

Yes I do think they do take a lot of risks but sometimes they can be amazing!
Joshua, 11, Newport

I think that they take to many risks but it is their job. If they didn't take to many risks they wouldn't have a job!
Ellie, 10, Fareham

It's not always the presenter's fault if something goes wrong but they should always be prepared in case!
Beth, 13, Northern Ireland

Steve Irwin and Richard Hammond's risks only show that they are truly dedicated and were doing what they really wanted when they were filming for their shows.
Immy, 13, Tunbridge Wells

Maybe. Sometimes they could set a bad example to kids and but sometimes good ones!
Mari, 11, Llangrannog

Sometimes I think that TV presenters do take some pretty big risks but it is what they choose to do!
Laura, 13, Peterborough

Yes, sometimes they do but it is fun to see them do challenges.
Anna, 10, Chester

That's just life isn't it. When you get out of bed each morning there's a chance you could be killed that day but we don't live in fear, so why should TV presenters?
Aoife, 11, Ballina

I think that stunts are often what people are famous for. It is their life and if they didn't like it they wouldn't do it. What happened to Richard and Steve was just plain bad luck.
Shaizana, 13, Birmingham

I think it's their own fault if they want to take risks.
Mike, 12, Stockport

No, they don't take too many risks. The same thing could happen to anyone because everyone does stuff not really safe because they love to. Steve Irwin would have been killed by a stingray whether or not he'd been on camera.
Jo, 11, West Sussex

I think celebs do things that are dangerous to be cool but they are soooo not cool if they get hurt! I think presenters do take to many risks just for the public. Poor Crocodile Hunter and Richard Hammond.
Anna, 11, Ireland

I think Richard is very lucky to have so many people around at the time.
Katy, 12

That man shouldn't do dangerous things. He can get hurt but I hope he recovers and gets well.
Jordane, 13, Leicester

I think it's a shame about Richard's crash, but it may help show younger people the dangers of things like this.
Kelsey, Scotland

Everyone in my family loves to watch Top Gear and hopes the Hamster gets well soon.

Hope he gets better because Top Gear is a great show.
Ben, 11

Me and my friend Aimee are massive Top Gear and Richard Hammond fans. We were devastated this morning and we wish him all the best.
Melissa, 13

It's upsetting to think about Richard Top Gear presenter as I used to watch it with my dad and I thought he was a great presenter. I hope he recovers.
Maddison, 13

I feel really sorry for him. I hope he gets better soon. Get well mate.
Sophie, 13

I love Richard and when I found out I started crying.
Jess, 12, Ilkley

I really loved Hammond's reports, but never thought twice about the danger he could be in. I really hope he gets better to present again.
Daisy, 10

I think TV presenters do take risks, but most of them are OK. It's unlucky about Steve and Richard.
Alice, 14, Worcester

Yes, TV presenters do take risks but that is what they love and enjoy doing. They just have to take care of themselves and do the right thing.
Mathu, 13, London

TV presenters take too many risks, Richard Hammond and Steve Irwin are examples.
Eleanor, 11, Republic of Ireland

It is their choice what they want to do. Yes the risk is there, but if they are willing to take one then let them - nobody's forcing them to! Get well soon Richard Hammond!
Kate, 12, Torpoint

I think that presenters should be more careful. Young children will start to copy.
Bella, 13, Bournemouth

I think is OK for presenters to do dangerous things on TV as long as they really want to do it and they know what to do.
Karoline, 11, Hitchin

I watch both Top Gear and Brainiac and he's a great presenter and he's really funny.
Tobie, 11, Ancaster

If they love what they are doing and they know the risks involved why shouldn't they? Life is too short to live wrapped up in cotton wool. You should live life to the full. For all we know this could be your only opportunity.
Rozie, 12, Wakeford

It's ok for them to do dangerous things if they know the risk and love what they're doing.
Rhiannon, 13, Penarth

TV presenters should take responsibility for what they do, and if they know it could kill them but they still do it then it's up to them. Unless they're totally pushed into it then they are to blame if they get hurt.
Katie, 13, Cambridge

Well, I don't really think they take too many risks and they're always really enthusiastic.
Marriam, 10, Leicester

They should be more careful! And sometimes it is bad as younger people might try to copy them and hurt themselves!
Jazzy, 10, Malaysia

Yeah, I think they do and just for entertainment?! But things hardly ever go wrong because they have the camera crew and sometimes doctors there so they can get treated straight away if they get hurt.
Amy, 14, Aberdare

As long as they want to do it, it's ok but they should be well protected. Sometimes people are only famous for being dangerous.
Class 8HT, Roundwood Park School

TV presenters do the things they love and even if it risks their lives I think they enjoy it. Steve Irwin died doing the thing he loved.
Tristan, 9, Harrogate

Anyone who thinks reporters are stupid going to dangerous places are wrong because they have to give us the latest news.
Alex, 12, Risca

Yes, I think TV presenters take too many risks because sometimes they do really stupid things.
Michael, 11, Liverpool

I think it's great when presenters do exciting things like when Zoe from Blue Peter learnt how to dive and rescue people from the water. As long as they're trained properly it's ok.
Tom, 10, Ford

I think that it should be up to the TV presenters to decide if they want to put their lives in danger. But they should always have special clothing and equipment for really dangerous stunts.
Sumreen, 15, London

I think presenters that go to places like Iraq are really brave but I think it's OK as long as they want to go and have special training and safety clothes and stuff.
Megan, 11, Suffolk

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