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Last Updated: Wednesday September 20 2006 11:14 GMT

Bungs in football: Q&A

Twenty pound notes

What is a bung?

Bungs are secret payments that are sometimes part of football transfers.

Taking a bung is against the rules of football.

How does a transfer work?

If a club wants to have a particular player there are two ways they can get them

First, wait until their contract runs out and they get them for nothing. Second, agree a transfer fee with the player's club and then agree a deal to sign the player.

If a transfer fee is not agreed, the buying club MUST NOT contact the player at all.

What is an agent?

Agents work for both players and clubs.

A player's agent tries to make sure their player gets paid well and is going to a club he wants to play for.

A club's agent helps the club make contact with the club the player plays for.

Agents get paid money for the part they play in the transfer.

How does a bung work?

On very rare occasions an agent will give money to someone working for a football club for helping the deal take place.

This is against the rules of football.

An agent could give a bung to a manager for telling his chairman he wants to buy a player that agent works for.

The agent would pay the money because they would then get money themselves when the deal takes place.

An agent could also give a bung to a chief scout for recommending one of his players to a manager or club.

Bungs can be worth tens of thousands of pounds.

Why are bungs in the news?

A BBC investigation into illegal activities in football suggested certain Premiership managers were involved in taking bungs. They deny these claims.

The Premier League itself has also been carrying out its own investigation into illegal activities in football.

The report should be published on 2 October.

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