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Last Updated: Tuesday September 19 2006 16:26 GMT

Daddy long legs invasion!

Daddy long legs
They don't seem to do much at all, except bounce around looking useless, but get ready for record numbers of daddy long legs.

The bumbling insects have had perfect weather this year, so experts reckon we could be seeing lots more than usual.

The bugs, also known as crane flies, were helped to breed by the hot summer, and given lots of damp leaf mulch to eat by the heavy rain which followed.

But there's no need to worry, as they're completely harmless.

Some people reckon the insects are really poisonous, but just don't know how to use their venom.

This isn't true, as they don't have any poison and don't bite anyway.

So it seems all they're good for is banging into light bulbs and being eaten by birds.

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