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Last Updated: Tuesday September 19 2006 13:24 GMT

Eye-popping record holder

Claudio Paulo Pinto

Now this really is one record we don't think you should try to break - this chap can pop his eyes out of his head!

Claudio Paulo Pinto can make his eyeballs stick out by seven millimetres, which is apparently a record in his home country of Brazil.

He's been doing the trick since he was nine, and has used his skill to work in a haunted house, scaring visitors.

Claudio's eye-popping talent is a very rare one and doctors recommend that no-one tries to copy him.


But Claudio's got a way to go if he wants to get the world record of 11mm, held by Kim Goodman of Chicago.

He reckons he's improving his eye-popping level all the time, so he might make this gross title his own.

In case you were wondering, and you probably were, Claudio says it doesn't hurt a bit.

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