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Last Updated: Tuesday September 19 2006 11:58 GMT

Quiz: Pirates

Sign of the pirates - a skull and crossbones

Question 1

What is a pirate?

A: Someone who robs from houses
B: Someone who robs from aeroplanes
C: Someone who robs from ships at sea

Question 2

What is the name of the pirate in the book Peter Pan?

A: Captain Rook
B: Captain Hook
C: Captain Cook

Question 3

What kind of pets are pirates famous for having?

A: Dogs
B: Parrots
C: Rabbits

Question 4

How many wives was famous pirate Blackbeard said to have had?

A: One
B: Six
C: 14

Question 5

Pirates are famous for carrying a cutlass - what is it?

A: A sword
B: A gun
C: A truncheon

Question 6

Treasure Island character Long John Silver is missing a body part - what is it?

A: Hand
B: Leg
C: Eye

Question 7

What does the phrase ‘shiver me timbers mean’ in pirate-speak?

A: I'm surprised
B: I'm happy
C: I'm furious

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