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Last Updated: Friday September 22 2006 10:21 GMT

Are kids left out if they don't have a mobile?

Mobile phone

More than half of all 10-year-olds have their own mobile phone, according to a survey.

But what about those who don't have one - do you think they are missing out?

Is a mobile is a must-have gadget?

Or do you think it's just a luxury to be able to text all the time?

Maybe all your mates have their own phone and you wish you had one too?

Or do you just not understand what all the fuss is about?

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Your comments

I have a mobile but I only use it when I go out with friends. I don't think people who don't have one are missing out because it is just an easier way to communicate.
Harriet, 10, Fordingbridge

I have a mobile but I don't think it's a luxury really because I hardly use it!
Natasha, 14, Liverpool

I think that if you don't have a mobile they yes, you would feel left out in your group of friends because they would be texting all day long while you just stand there and watch!
Katrina, 12, Stoke on Trent

I think kids should only get mobile phones when they start going out on there own because although texting is fun you don't need to text, it costs money and you can always email instead!
Harriet, 11, Ryde

I don't think so because my friend didn't used to have a mobile and I didn't care and I still don't care! No one should feel left out because they don't have a mobile!
Emily, 11, Warrington

I think mobiles should be illegal to kids under the age of 14. They're seriously bad for your ears if you get one at a young age.
Emma, 12, Ireland

I think that only adults need to have a mobile phone.
Marley, 7

I think kids shouldn't feel left out if they don't have a mobile phone.
Ikra, 8, Doncaster

I think that mobile phones are great and I have a really good one, but I think that you should only get a mobile phone when you go to secondary school.
Emily, 10, Maidstone

My mum said I can't have a mobile before I go to secondary school. I think that's fair enough because I don't go anywhere by myself and I have a computer in my room!
Roxy, 9, Camberley

I feel a bit left out because all my friends talk about their mobile phones and I'm not allowed one.
Zoe, 10, Girvan

I do not think a mobile is important really as it is not an educative device for children!
Rosie, 11, Brighton

I've had a mobile since I was nine but my best mate is not allowed one. This makes her feel really left out.
Tarnya, 11, Leicester

I think it's safe to have a mobile especially when your out by yourself and if something happens then you could always ring your mum or dad.
Jade, 10, Bournemouth

I think every kid should have one!
Cherie, 12, Scotland

I've got a mobile and it's great. I think it may be a luxury to have one but you can get cheap mobiles nowadays. I think having a mobile is useful, if you get lost you can contact your parents.
Anant, 12, Thailand

My brother has a cool phone and he's only eight and his phone is as good as mine!
Rosie, 12, Watton

I feel left out for not having a mobile phone but hopefully I might get one next year.
Paaras, 10, Watford

I think having a mobile is great because you can call or text your parents if you're in trouble.
Lisa, 13, Wolverhampton

I think you should be at least 10-years-old before you get a mobile. I think it is silly for kids as young as seven to have a mobile phone. They will probably lose it!
Erica, 11, Poole

I always feel left out because I don't have a mobile. All my friends have mobiles and they're constantly talking on them and about them!
Fionnuala, 11, Ireland

I've had a mobile since I was seven-years-old and my little brother was six when he got his!
Katie, 12, Telford

I think it is stupid, children don't need their own mobile until secondary school at least because they don't go any were on their own.
Jessica, 10, West Pennard

I can get mobile phone if I want but I want to wait and get it when I'm older. At the moment I just have a gaming console that keeps me busy!
Masroor, 13, London

I've got a mobile and I think it's a great way of keeping in touch with all my friends. But people shouldn't feel left out if they don't have one as there are other good ways of keeping in touch with your friends, such as email.
Alice, 14, Worcester

I think children are missing out if they don't have a mobile phone because they might need it in an emergency or even to call their friends. My mum won't buy me one because she thinks I'm too young and it's a waste of money.
Neelam, 10, Birmingham

I have a mobile phone in case I get lost or I am going somewhere far away and then I can phone my parents. I think this is the only reason that a kid should have a mobile!
Robert, 12, Glasgow

I only got my phone when I was 12. I wasn't supposed to get one until I was 16 but my parents decided I should have one for emergencies and now I'm more or less stuck to my phone!
Aisha, 14, Slough

I got a mobile phone when I was 10. Everybody should have one!
Lewis, 11, Salford

I think mobiles are good because you can phone your parents and you can play games on them.
Catherine, 13, Crawley

I'm nearly 13-years-old and haven't got a mobile and I don't really feel left out! I think it's silly that kids as young as seven own a mobile!
Dan, 12, Fareham

I got my phone when I was eight but before that most people had a phone and I felt left out!
Ria, 12, Bexley

I don't have a mobile but I really wish I did because I feel left out as all the other kids own one. My parents think it is a waste of money.
Polly, 12, Surrey

I got my mobile for my birthday a few months ago. I did feel left out before I had one because my other friends were always sending funny texts to each other and they were joking about stuff I knew nothing about, which was annoying! So I'm glad I've got one now!
Cassie, 12, London

I think mobiles are OK if you're in secondary school and if you are more independent. But you see people as young as 8 with a mobile when they don't even need it!
Georgia, 12, Plymouth

I think some kids do get left out, I remember when my friend felt left out when I got my phone before her; she wouldn't let me use it near her!
Lauren, 12, Selby

I couldn't live without my phone! I don't know anyone that hasn't got one in my year. I suppose you would feel left out if you didn't have one unless you hate them like my mum but even she has one!
Sian, 13, Coalville

My mum says I am allowed one for my next birthday.
Jack, 8, Stargate

Well, I'm only 10-years-old and my cousin got me a mobile for my birthday. My parents weren't going to buy me one until I was 12, but if you haven't got a mobile you're not missing out on anything!
Momina, 10, Falkirk

I think having a mobile is good so that you can keep in touch with your mates and call your parents if you're in trouble.
Bex, 12, Didcot

I'm 10-years-old and I don't have a mobile phone. I think it's ridiculous that children as young as me have them! Loads of people in my class have mobile phones and I can understand why people would want to text, but if you want to keep in touch, just go on MSN!
Fleur, 10, Bridgnorth

I didn't have a mobile until my 12th birthday last December. My friends all had them at the age of 8 or 9. I think they aren't really needed until you are old enough to go out by yourself.
Emily, 12, Newcastle

I only use my phone for texting my friends and family. My mum often jokes that if I didn't have one she wouldn't have to spend so much!
Robyn, 12, Northampton

I think having a mobile is good because you can call your parents if you're in trouble.
Finn, 11, Birmingham

I don't have a mobile and my sister doesn't let me use hers!
Alistair, 10, Edinburgh

I don't even have my own mobile yet! My parents say that I can only have one when I'm 13-years-old.
Marriam, 10, Leicester

At my school if you don't have a mobile you're not excluded or anything but it does helps to have one because lots of people play around on them.
Gareth, 12, Cardiff

I saved up to buy my own mobile but now I don't have any money to get credit!
Remy, 10, Kettering

I got my first phone when I was 11 but my brother is nine and most of the people in his class seem to get a new phone all the time and he feels left out because he can't have one.
Abigail, 12, Surrey

I don't think anyone under 13 should be using a mobile. I got one for my birthday but I hardly use it.
Callum, 12, Fife

I feel left out as my friends have a mobile and I don't.
Natasha, 12, Hull

I have a mobile and I am only nine-years-old but I saved up to buy it and I have to buy my own credit too!
Sophie, 9, Sutton

I'm not allowed a mobile until I'm 12. My older sister has one though and sometimes she lets me text my friends but I can't wait to get my own!
Clare, 11, Caerphilly

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