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Last Updated: Tuesday September 19 2006 15:34 GMT

Are zoos good or bad for animals?


Zoos - some of you think they're great, while others think they're cruel.

Here Press Packer Paige gives us her views on whether zoos are helpful or harmful to animals.

"In my opinion, zoos are a bit of both.

First I will tell you why I think they are good.

Educational trips

If you go to a zoo you get the chance to see hundreds of animals from all over the globe.

You could see kangaroos from Australia or penguins from the Antarctic!

Also, trips to the zoo can be very educational.

You learn all about the animal and where it comes from.

However, I also see the bad points about zoos.


One reason is that some people think it is cruel to keep animals in captivity - even though it might save them from extinction.

In conclusion, I think that zoos are mainly great because they stop animals from becoming extinct, and gives them a danger-free and better life."

Paige, 13, Manchester

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