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Last Updated: Friday September 15 2006 10:46 GMT

Quiz: Pigs


Question 1

Where is the word "pig" thought to have come from?

A: The Low German word "bigge"
B: The English word "swino"
C: The Guinean word "pigger"

Question 2

Pigs are sometimes used to find which posh food?

A: Oysters
B: Caviar
C: Truffles

Question 3

Which religion doesn't allow followers to eat pork?

A: Christianity
B: Judaism
C: Catholicism

Question 4

Why do pigs roll in mud?

A: Because they look after their skin
B: Because they can't sweat
C: Because they like to camouflage themselves

Question 5

Which mammals do pigs most resemble biologically?

A: Humans
B: Dogs
C: Cats

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