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Last Updated: Friday September 15 2006 12:12 GMT

'Mini tornadoes' hit Yorkshire

Damage in Leeds

Tornadoes have swept across parts of Yorkshire, closing schools and causing damage to people's homes.

Ten whole days' worth of rain fell in half an hour on Thursday afternoon, as tornadoes - whirling columns of wind - hit houses in Leeds and Harrogate.

Three schools in Leeds - Guiseley High, Hunslet Moor Primary and most of South Leeds High - were closed on Friday as people started to clear up.

Lightning strikes also stopped trains from running in the area.

Storm damage in Leeds
Alex Hodge sent this pic in to the BBC

Iram Rashid was coming home from school when the storm hit, and told the BBC: "It was scary but exciting at the same time."

Lots of places in North Yorkshire were hit by heavy flooding caused by the unusually powerful rain.

Firefighters and rescue crews were called to help a number of people in flooded houses and buildings.

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