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Last Updated: Friday September 15 2006 18:08 GMT

Perfect weather for a spider boom

House spider

If you think there are more spiders around than usual at the moment, you might be right as the creepy crawlies are apparently breeding big style!

The last year has been perfect for the critters - a warm winter, a hot summer, then a damp spell, which means lots of other insects for them to eat.

That means there have been more reports of big spiders than usual this year.

London Zoo's bug expert Dave Clarke said there was nothing to worry about, as Britain's spiders aren't dangerous.

Britain's spiders
Garden spider
600 species in the UK
Largest is house spider
House spiders' legs can get to 13 cm in diameter

He added that lots of spiders are usually seen in September, as it's the time of year when the males come out to look for a mate.

You might be seeing more of the eight-legged beasties this year as research has shown that as the climate changes, they're moving further north.

Although spiders might look a little freaky, they're largely harmless.

They prefer to live outside, and if you find one, put a container over the top of it and slip some card underneath (be careful not to trap its legs!), then let it loose in the wild.

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Your comments

I am scared of spiders!
Keeley, 11, St Helens

I was lying on top of my bed listening to music and suddenly this huge spider appeared outside my bedroom window crawling down a web. I ran from the room screaming to tell my mum who told me it was probably more afraid of me!
Lauren, 12, Inverness

I HATE spiders! Yuk! My seven year old sister will get rid of them for me though!
Lucy, 12, Yorkshire

I don't see many spiders but LOADS of Daddy Long Legs!
Emma, 10, Dronfield

I hate Daddy Long Legs so much - even the picture above scares me!
Lucy, 10, Washington

I'm not scared of spiders - I think they are lovely creatures!
Catherine, 13, Crawley

Spiders are the yuckiest things that have ever walked on the planet! They help the environment and they are cool as they have eight legs!
Jess, 12, London

Because I hate spiders, I just show my dog Murray where it is and he eats it!
Abbie, 10

My dad will like this...he hates spiders.
Sarah, 10

There was a massive one in my living room last night! It was like a dog with eight legs!
Katie, 12, London

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