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Last Updated: Monday September 11 2006 14:51 GMT

My memories of September 11 2001

The site called Ground Zero where the World Trade Center once stood

It's the fifth anniversary of the terrible events that happened in America on September 11 2001.

Eric, 11, was living in New York when the attacks on the World Trade Center took place.

"The morning it happened, I was sleeping. I heard a bang and I woke up.

I went downstairs and my brother and sister said that one of the towers had gone down. I was really shocked. I wasn't scared, just shocked.

We didn't have a TV so we couldn't see what was happening but our friend called us and told us exactly what was going on.

Dust and strange smells

We packed some bags to leave our house.

When we got outside, we saw everybody running. There were no cars, just everyone running away.

We could see huge towers of smoke. It was really dusty out and kind of smelled weird.


Every time we go into the city and see the site it reminds me of what happened. I get flashbacks.

And when I see the pictures on TV and see how the planes went into the towers, it seems worse than when I was actually there."

Eric, 11, Connecticut

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