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Last Updated: Sunday September 10 2006 14:25 GMT

F1: Retiring Schumi wins in Italy

Michael Schumacher

It's a mixed day for Formula One star Michael Schumacher, as he took victory in the Italian Grand Prix only to announce he's retiring from the sport.

Schumi took the lead in the 15th lap of the race, and held on until the end.

But almost as soon as he'd crossed the line, he revealed this season would be his final one in Formula One.

He's had an amazing career, winning 90 races and taking seven championships so far, and breaking every single record there is to break in Formula One.

"What motorsport has given me over the last 30 years, I have loved every moment of it, good and bad," he said.

He's been on top of the sport since 1994, and pushed the sport to its limits.

Michael Schumacher
Could Schumi make it title number eight?

He'll be remembered not only for being one of the best drivers ever, but also for the headlines he made in the news.


He's often been at the centre of scandal, and some people say he also pushed the limits of the rules of Formula One.

But the world of motorsport will definitely be poorer without its brightest star.

Michael has a good shot at an eighth world title, as he's only two points off the lead in the Championship.