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Last Updated: Friday September 08 2006 13:33 GMT

'Deadly' bird safe back at farm

A rhea

A big, dangerous bird which escaped from its pen has been recaptured after a risky struggle.

Ralph, an emu-like bird called a rhea, was wrestled into a trailer by officers from animal charity the RSPCA.

Experts were worried Ralph might have caused trouble because he is so strong he could easily have killed someone.

He escaped from his farm on Monday after his owner put pigs in his pen, and he didn't like them. He then went on the run until Friday.

Rheas are normally very calm, but it was feared that Ralph could have become upset by other animals, or noisy traffic.

He was found in a field in Kent, and locals called the RSPCA.


His owner Sue Savage said: "He tried to make a run for it. He certainly wasn't coming willingly.

"We had to wrestle him to the ground and during that he was putting up a really vigorous fight."

Ralph is now back in his pen, and is being checked to make sure he's OK.

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