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Last Updated: Monday September 11 2006 05:56 GMT

Kids swap schools to mix cultures

Halifax is like a lot of places in the UK - where people from different religions and different backgrounds live side by side.

But some people are worried that Muslim kids and non-Muslim kids here don't actually have much to do with each other.

So now two schools have decided to get together to change all that.

Burnley Road School

"I think it's going to help because we know each other. We find out what happens in homes and schools so we don't dislike each other as much as we think we do."
Sophie, 10

"I really like meeting my friends and I love seeing them again and talking about football when we have lunch and playing with them. I made friends when I was racing them at sports day, because they said they'd beat me then we talked and made friends. When we raced I got beaten but sometimes I won too."
David, 10

"It's good to come to this school because you can meet a lot of new friends that I probably wouldn't have met if I didn't come here. And I've learned lots of new languages and other interesting things."
Ben, 10

"It started with e-mail and then we got to meet each other. I think that's really nice because you get to make friends, and then we got to play sport and things."
Bethan, 10

Beech Hill School

"There are only Asian people in this school. It's good to get involved with other people's cultures because it's new and we need to do it more often."
Shohaib, 10

"It's good because we can get to know people from other schools, white people and black people. Most of the kids at Beech Hill are Asian. If we get to know white people we get to know more about their religion, their culture and their background."
Tanzila, 10

"We have a really nice laugh and we can talk about each other. Our personalities are the same, because I like football, cricket and rugby and so do they. It's fun having new friends so can you can play with them and get used to having new friends."
Sharjeel, 10

"A lot of racism is going on these days and if we just had mixed schools, maybe we'd get used to other people and different backgrounds."
Asiah, 10

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