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Last Updated: Thursday September 07 2006 12:34 GMT

Quiz: Safe cycling

Person riding a bike

Question 1

Which handlebar is your front brake on?

A: Right hand
B: Left hand

Question 2

When you're cycling along the road and want to take a left turn what's the first thing you do?

A: Indicate
B: Look behind you at the traffic
C: Brake

Question 3

When would you ring your bell?

A: When you're riding up behind a pedestrian
B: When you see your friend
C: To indicate

Question 4

If you squeeze your tyre with your finger and thumb how should it feel?

A: Hard
B: Squashy
C: So you can touch the wheel rim

Question 5

What colour traffic light means you can legally cycle through them?

A: Red
B: Amber
C: Green

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