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Last Updated: Wednesday September 06 2006 14:39 GMT

More kids having lessons at home


Many of you went back to school this week, but for thousands of kids in the UK this was no big deal - because they are being taught at home.

More and more parents have decided that lessons should be held at home, with at least an estimated 15,000 British children being taught in this way.

There are lots of reasons for kids having home schooling.

Some of them have been bullied, others have special needs, but many parents just want their kids to learn at home.

It's not against the law to do this, and kids who are taught at home don't have to do the same lessons as those in school.

Regular lessons
Regular lessons

As long as the kids are learning, it's fine to have home schooling.

Newsround talked to Poppy, who has lessons at home with her family.


She said: "The best thing about being home schooled is that it's really flexible and we can do whichever projects interest us.

"It's very different to a normal school day and I get the chance to spend loads of time with my brothers and sisters."

But many parents are against the scheme.

Their reasons include giving their kids a chance to mix with lots of children of the same age, and thinking that teachers are better qualified to take lessons.

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