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Last Updated: Monday October 09 2006 11:38 GMT

Your tributes to Steve Irwin

Steve Irwin
Australian wildlife expert Steve Irwin has died while making an underwater film off Australia's Great Barrier Reef.

He was famous for his love of animals and doing daring displays where he got close to crocodiles, alligators, tigers, snakes and spiders.

And you may have seen his TV show The Crocodile Hunter.

Now many animal experts and fans around the world have been giving tribute to him - do you have one too?

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Your comments

He was the greatest croc hunter ever and no one can ever replace him.
Isaac, 11, Hong Kong

Steve was great and I love his shows. I hope his zoo will stay open.
Caitlin, 12, Sauchie

I think Steve was a great man, knew his stuff and must have been a great dad and husband.
Claire, 11, Manurewa

I hope they have crocodiles in heaven!
Brian, 9, Hong Kong

We will miss you Steve.
Tyson, 10, Sydney

I think Steve Irwin was brilliant. He was funny and clever and we will miss him so much.
Guy, 8, Darlington

I've learnt so much from Steve.
Emily, 7, Bristol

Steve Irwin was a hero, he proved that man and animal can live in peace together. He was a great and talented man. He saved loads of animals and he deserves to be remembered as the hero he was.
Tom, 12, Shefford

Crikey mate! I can't believe he has gone. My friend is crazy about him and she has made me think about how much I also loved Steve too.
Jess, 13, Hull

Steve will be missed. He was an inspiration and a role model for many of us R.I.P Steve.
Georgina, 13, Croydon

Steve was my hero and I want to be just like him when I grow up.
Seth, 9, Southport

Steve Irwin was a legend and I still can't believe he's gone. Everyone will miss him!
John, 10, Birmingham

Steve, you were amazing and I will miss you so much. I hope they have crocs in heaven!
Sam, 6, Middlewich

I'm sad he has died as Steve Irwin's shows were educational and entertaining.
Elliot, 12, London

When I heard I couldn't believe it, I was completely shocked!
Sophie, 13, Beccles

I went to Steve's zoo in Australia a week ago and it was brilliant. I'm very sad.
Kev, 12, London

I used to watch The Crocodile Hunter every day on TV. Why was he not wearing a stingray protective suit?
Ali, 11, India

Steve Irwin was my hero. I want to grow up to be just like him. he was a man who did great things. I always wanted to meet him.
Jhn liu, 12, Omaha

Steve was my idol and I still would like to be like him when I get older. I feel sad for his family and kids.
Nikki, 12, Waupaza

Steve will be missed.
Hannah, 11, Liverpool

I love what he did and when I grow up, I want to be just like him!
Sam, 14, Parkston

I heard about it on the way to school and was gobsmacked! I'm extremely upset as he was taken from us far too soon. He was a legend.
Andrea, 13, Dundee

Steve was a great man. I can remember my sister and I pretending to wrestle crocs after watching his show!
Jasmine, 13, Cheshunt

When I found out he was dead I was speechless, but at least he died doing something he loved.
Paula, 11, Greenock

It just doesn't seem real. A man so passionate about nature and animal welfare shouldn't die this way, surely?
Jack, 13, Fleet

Steve was a cool man who put his life on the line just to entertain us.
Josh, 11, Barrow

Steve Irwin was amazing as he had the power to change animals' lives.
Laura, 11, Perth

Steve was a legend and I will miss him. But at least he died doing something he loved doing.
Harley, 11, Portsmouth

I think Steve was a wonderful man and I hope his wonderful family will carry on his work.
Fluffy, 13, Brighton

We were talking about Steve at school and everyone is still very shocked. It must be really horrible for his family.
Tiffany, 13, Huddersfield

I think that Steve was great and cared about animals and should always be remembered for his good work.
Samantha, 9, Belfast

Steve had a real passion for animals and he was always willing to get close to very dangerous animals.
Jack, 11, London

The news hasn't sunk in yet! I met Steve several times because my dad works at the zoo. He was a very caring guy.
Kimi, 13, Australia

He was a great guy and had a passion for animals. I'm sure everyone will miss him.
Naomi, 13, Cookham

I loved his shows and he was great with animals.
Ross, 10, Dundee

I adored the croc hunter's work and hope someone else continues his work.
Gemma, 12, Holston

He was a daring person and everyone loved him.
Josh, 11, Newport

I think Steve was nice, caring, and a helpful person. He loved animals so much.
Hannah, 12, London

Steve was really cool and I will still continue watching the croc hunter in action.
George, 11, Upping Ham

Steve Irwin was a great guy and was looked up to by many people including me. R.I.P Steve
Amy, 13, Manchester

Steve Irwin was a great guy and no-one will forget him. I'm glad he died doing something he loved. I'm an animal lover just like him and he is my hero!
Sarah, 13, Sydney

I can't believe that Steve is dead! I loved watching his shows so much that I just can't believe he's actually gone! I'll miss you Steve!
Maria, 13, Surrey

I loved Steve and I just can't believe he is dead. I am just so sad.
Brodie, 13, Nicholson

What a wonderful guy he was. He will be missed and my heart goes out to his family.
Natasha, 12, Doncaster

Steve was a great guy, I loved everything he did. It was such a shock when I found out and I feel sorry for his family.
Melissa, 13, Stratford

I miss Steve. I liked watching him with the crocodiles and alligators.
Emily, 6, Middlesbrough

I will miss Steve as my granddad and I watched the Crocodile Hunter and we all loved him.
Taylor, 11, Romford

Steve was a truly inspirational person and I personally really admired him so I cried when I heard. But I suppose there is one good point, at least he died doing what he loved best. STEVE.
Jack, 11, Tadworth

I'm so gutted about Steve Irwin dying. He was a brilliant entertainer. I feel so bad for his family and I think it was an inappropriate way for such a brave and willing man to die just in such a freak accident.
Amy, 12, Northants

Steve Irwin was an enthusiastic, passionate man who loved his life. He did so much to help conservation and keep the world good. I think he was an example of a pioneer the world needed. He will never be forgotten.
Rosie, 13, Gloucestershire

I can't believe he is gone. He had such a incredible character and he was so full of life and ready to take all those risks no matter what people said. R.I.P Steve!
Beverley, 12, Fareham

Steve Irwin was a role model to all children and his passion for animals was huge. I think he will be missed and no-one can ever be better than he was with animals.
Amelia, 13, Essex

He was a legend and a really cool daredevil! We'll all miss him.
Bailey, 9, Lisbon

I'm really disappointed he died as he was a good man to all animals.
Heidi, 12, Hitcham

Steve was a great role model for any kid. He was always enthusiastic and he loved his animals. I give my best wishes to his all family. CRIKEY was he a legend or what!
Amber, 11, Australia

Steve Irwin was a great man and at least he died doing something he loved best.
Flo, 10, East Grinstead

I think Steve Irwin is great and I will miss him loads. I feel very sorry for Terri and his children.
Caitlin, 7, Bradley

Steve Irwin was a wonderful man who loved animals and dedicated his life to protecting them and teaching other people more about them. He was a true hero that died doing what he loved. We will always remember Steve Irwin and he will be missed greatly by everyone.
Aspen, 14, Portland

Steve was the greatest environmentalist and he will be greatly missed.
Keshav, 10, Australia

I'll miss Steve Irwin. He died doing something he loved. Steve Irwin helped animals and he will never be forgotten.
Rebecca, 13, London

He's been a legend to me and a very good person for his fans. R.I.P Steve Irwin.
Amanda, 13, Canada

I loved his shows. I hope they keep them on Animal Planet. He was one of my idols.
Marianne, 10, USA

I feel really sad for Steve's family and I know he will be missed around the world. He was a real inspiration.
Lauren, 10, Newport

The world has lost one of the most dedicated people. He was always smiling and enjoyed what he did.
Rebecca, 13, Canada

I loved watching Steve. He made me very interested in wildlife and crocodiles. I will miss him very much and I hope his family will continue his work.
James, 13, Belfast

Steve, you were such an inspiration to me and I'll miss you loads.
Cameron, 14, Chandlers Ford

Everyone knew the crocodile dude. It never crossed my mind that he would be killed by a fish, but it happened.
Elly, 11, Guilford

He was a great guy and he will be truly missed. Me and my dad used to watch him all the time and it is so sad to see him go. R.I.P. Steve
Meeta, 13, London

I have got all his DVDs and I will miss him.
Jessica, 8, Stone

I am his biggest fan and I'm still in shock.
Jack, 10, Seaford

Steve was my role model because he loved animals like I do. He will be greatly missed.
Kimberley , 14, Lanark

Steve made me appreciate wildlife and understand more about reptiles and arachnids than school could ever teach me. I will miss him and his sense of humour and caring nature and daredevil attitude.
William, 12, Chatfield

I am so sad that Steve has died. I was so sad when I found out. He was so nice to all the animals and I loved watching his programmes. Everyone will miss him.
Sabrina, 9, Huddleston

I will miss Steve Irwin very much.
Aimee, 11, Belfast

I am really shocked and sad that he is gone because he was my role model and I will really miss him!
Peter, 10, Stockton

He was very good at feeding animals and swimming with crocodiles. I never thought he would get killed by a fish.
Lewis, 9, Cumbernauld

Steve was a fantastic guy and I will miss him!
Jake, 12, Birmingham

I will miss seeing him on TV and I feel sorry for his family.
Hayley, 11, Stroud

I really liked Steve and I cried for hours when I found out.
Sarah, 11, USA

Steve was a great guy, he made me appreciate animals a lot more. I envy those who met him and TV will never be the same again. I will miss the crocodile hunter.
Mathew, 12

I wish you did not die!
Aaron, 11, Galway

He was a very clever and brave man. I always knew he would get hurt by an animal but I never thought he would be killed by one though. I'm upset that such a brave man has died.
Ashleigh, 9, Clitheroe

It's sad he died, totally unexpected and shocking, my heart is with his family who must be heartbroken. He will never be forgotten!
Tamsin, 13, West Sussex

It's really sad. He was an amazing man and he taught us so much.
Tom, 13, Yevoil

Steve was an inspiration to me and he is the reason why I'm going to work with spiders and all the other animals. But I won't be as brave as him. I heard a girl at school saying he'd died and I didn't believe it until my mum told me. I will never forget him.
John, 8, Bradford

I think Steve was really caring and an animal lover and his wife should carry on his wonderful work.
Hassan, 11, Leeds

Steve was one of the most amazing people that I have ever seen on TV. I always watched him on animal planet and I will miss his amazing programmes.
Claire, 11, Fife

He was my hero and I am really sad.
Katy, 11, Ipswich

He will be missed loads! All the things he has done and he gets killed by a stingray!
Sofi, 13, Oak Ham

My thoughts are with his wife Terri and his kids who have had their husband and dad taken away from them. He is gone but will not be forgotten.
Shannon, 11, Wetherby

I'm really sorry for Steve, his wife and two children. It's very sad.
Sally, 10, Witham

It's such a sad loss. He stopped loads of animals from dying.
Vicky, 12, Bedford

Steve Irwin was a brave and a great man. I'll miss not seeing him tackle dangerous animals and saying "crikey".
Kirsten, 14, Inverness

Even though I wasn't a big fan of Steve, I was shocked to hear of his death. R.I.P
Kate, 13, South Shields

Because of Steve I am going to be a marine biologist when I grow up and I hope to work at the Great Barrier Reef where he died. I aspire to be like him and I miss him already.
Skye, 9, Hereford

Steve loved doing his TV show and he was a great man so I wish he hadn't died. But I'm happy that he died doing something he loved.
Hannah, 12, Swindon

When my dad told me I thought he was joking.
Lori, 11, Warwick

I was shocked when I heard the news. He was a great man, CROCS RULE!
Emma, 8, Plymouth

I feel so bad for Steve's family. He was such an amazing guy who cared for everyone and he will be missed by everyone.
Charlie, 13, Nottingham

I watch him all the time on the animal channel and it is a very big loss to all of us.
Olivia, 10, Loughborough

Thanks to Steve I like animals more.
Shiv, 9, India

I think he was great and Australia will miss him.
Joanne, 9, Edinburgh

I went to see Steve Irwin in Australia and he was so nice and his daughter Bindi was so cute. I will never forget you Steve or all the things you have done.
Megan, 12, Tavistock

I loved how he was always daring to do things and me and my family will miss his wild ideas.
Kosi, 10, Bristol

Steve Irwin is a legend to me and my friends. I loved his work and his shows.
Jack, 10, Cornwall

Steve Irwin has taught us a lot about animals and how they get hurt so easily. Lots of people will miss you.
Jessica, 11, Copthorne

It's really sad he died, more so because he was killed by an animal, one of the things that he loved so much. I will never forget him. Goodbye!
Tatchiana, 10, Rochford

Steve was my hero and is one of the reasons I want to work with animals when I am older. He will be missed by so many people.
Jack, 9, Hampstead

Steve Irwin was great. He was brilliant with animals and so daring. I will always remember him when I hear the word "crikey" and when I see a crocodile on TV. He will be missed by thousands of people.
Tanith, 12, Heathfield

I met Steve and he was a really nice guy.
Anna, 9, Stafford

Steve was truly a great guy. I'm just glad that he died doing something he loved.
Megan, 12, Totnes

Steve Irwin was so funny and was a true animal lover. Television will never be the same.
Leanna, 12, Swindon

Steve should always be remembered as the crocodile hunter. He was an inspiration for many people. R.I.P Steve!
Charlotte, 12, Cornwall

He was great fun to watch and to listen to.
Nathan, 13, London

When we lived in Australia we visited Steve's zoo. My whole family love the films he's made- they're the best films in the world. I will never forget Steve Irwin, I love wildlife because of Steve.
Curtis, 7, St Agnes

I am sorry that Steve has died. He was a kind man.
Ralph, 9, Peterborough

Steve Irwin, you were wicked and I'm sure everyone will miss you.
Rachel, 10, Rawdon

I loved watching his show. He was brilliant and very brave.
Matilda, 8

I have never missed any of his shows.
Clare, 11, Gorebridge

I felt sad because he is one of my fave people.
Harim, 9, Bradford

I loved Steve Irwin. He was my hero and the world is going to miss him.
Joshua, 11, Selby

He was a great guy, my idol, and I wanted to work with him. At least he was doing what he loved best when he died.
Claire, 9, Birmingham

I was a big fan of Steve and I'm going to miss him very much.
Louis, 11, London

My whole family is deeply upset at the loss of a huge genuine loveble personality. We have lost another Angel. Our prayers and thoughts are with his special family. We envy those who where lucky to know Steve Irwin personally.
Henrietta, 8, Swindon

Steve was a great person and always had a great sense of humour. My thoughts are with his children and his wife Terri.
Hendrix, 12, Dover

I am very sad about Steve's death. I really enjoyed watching his wonderful films. He was a friend to many people and all animals. He will be missed a lot.
Joe, 9, Wednesbury

Steve Irwin was a legend and I am going to miss him. He rocked!
Zoe, 12, Trowbridge

Steve Irwin was a great man and I will carry on watching his programmes.
Mohamed, 14, Manchester

I think it's really sad that Steve has died and he will be remembered in many ways.
Nicole, 10, Margate

Steve was very entertaining and his programmes were excellent, I loved watching them. He was a kind and caring man.
Amy, 10, St. Ives

Steve, you were the bravest guy ever, and I love animals too.
Holly, 10, Brighton

Steve was a good man who taught me everything I know about crocodiles, alligators and all kinds of animals. He was a good guy and I'll miss him very much.
Robin, 14,Tonyrefail

Wow, it's is so sad that he has gone, he was an incredible man who never failed to impress and amaze people. He died doing what he loved best. It's such a tragedy and my heart is with his wife and kids. R.I.P. crocodile hunter.
Jasmine, 13, West Sussex

I will miss Steve Irwin because I live in Australia and I also had a photo taken with him R.I.P Steve.
Shelley, 9, Queensland

I loved watching his programmes. He will be missed.
Christopher, 10, Kent

Steve was my idol and so I was so sad when I found out what happened. I really looked up to him.
Julia, 11, Newport

Steve was my all time favourite guy and it's because of him that I got into wildlife programmes. I was very upset when I heard the news and I send my love and wishes to all his family and friends.
Heather, 8, Lowestoft

We will all miss Steve Irwin. He was brave and strong and he never gave up. He was very entertaining and a great celebrity.
Azure, 9, Hounslow

Steve Irwin was an inspiration and people should remember him for being a true hero to all animals everywhere.
George, 14, Lowestoft

I always looked forward to watching his shows - I loved it. It's really sad that he died in such a tragic way but at least he was doing something he loved. R.I.P.
Alex, 12, Bromsgrove

What's happened is shocking but at least when he died he was doing what he loved.
Lynsey, 12, Burwell

I was a big fan of Steve but now he has gone there will not be any fab shows to watch. I have his DVD and it is a great film to watch.
Rhiannon, 11, Stalybridge

I was lucky enough to see him in Australia and he was so much fun to talk to. I am going to miss him.
Zoe, 13, Warwick

Steve, you were a great and brave guy who shared his love for animals with everyone. We will miss you Steve.
Abbey, 10, Sheffield

I thought his accent was ace! I thought he was a very good person because he rescued animals.
Crystal, 13, Dewsbury

I think he was a great person as he showed respect for animals.
Kelvin, 12, Canterbury

Steve Irwin was a great man and a great inspiration to young people like me. He was unlucky when the stingray stung him. He died doing what he does best. We will miss you Steve!
Claudia, 12, Bundaberg

I still can't believe Steve has died, it brings tears to my eyes thinking about it. He was a great man and did so much for animals. He will be missed all over the world. My thoughts are with his family. R.I.P Crocodile Hunter!
Laura, 13, Worcester

We loved watching Steve's programmes. We are both very, very sad and hope that he rests in peace. We hope that his wife and children will carry on his work.
Lucy and Mason, 9 and 5, Kettering

He will be missed by a lot of people.
Sean, 12, Coalisland

I loved his shows and he was a brave man right to the end. R.I.P STEVE!
Amanda, 14, Barnsley

Crikey, as he would say, I can't believe he is actually gone. His kids will have great memories of him though, Crocodile Hunter - a legend.
Carole, 13, Holywell

He was an inspiring man who will be missed.
Madeleine, 14, Hildenborough

I will miss him!
Alex, 10, Kettering

Steve Irwin was one of the coolest people on TV as he just did incredible things. I was shocked when I found out he died, it is just so sad.
Jack, 13, Southampton

He was a great guy and he too many risks. I think he was looked up to by many young people like me and my friends. He will be missed loads.
Rowena, 12, Chesterfield

Steve Irwin was a great man and a great inspiration to young people and to me. He should be remembered as a true Crocodile Hunter.
Alasdair, 14

I can't believe Steve Irwin has died, when I read about it on the web I was speechless.
Katie, 9

I can't believe Steve Irwin is dead, he was like a hero to me. Hopefully he can catch all the crocs he wants in heaven.
Kayleigh, 13

I am really sad that Steve has come to his death. Why oh why did the stingray have to pierce his heart? I would do anything for him to come back and carry on his life as he did. I really enjoyed watching his shows and I will miss him greatly. I would do anything to help at Australia zoo in memory of Steve even though I live on the other side of the world.
Alex, 12

I feel so sorry for Steve Irwin's family! It's so horrible how he died! How are they going to carry on?
Berthia, 13

I really loved his shows. I also loved the way he looked after sick animals. I feel for his wife Terri and his children. I feel so sorry for them and would do anything to help at the Zoo considering that it's in Australia and I'm in England. He was not an idiot, he cared for animals.
Nathan, 12

I was a big fan of Steve Irwin. I wanted to work with him when I was older. Give our wishes to his family please.
Craig, 10

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