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Last Updated: Tuesday September 05 2006 08:26 GMT

In pictures: Steve Irwin

Steve Irwin with a tiger cub

Australian animal-lover Steve Irwin has died after being hit in the chest by a stingray fish

Steve Irwin with an alligator

He had been making a film about sea creatures on his boat Croc One in Queensland's Great Barrier Reef on the day he died

Steve Irwin wraps an anaconda snake around Jay Leno

The animal expert was famous around the world for his programme Crocodile Hunter. Here he is handling an anaconda snake during an appearance on a TV show with US presenter Jay Leno

Steve and Terri Irwin with an albino - or white - Burmese python

Steve handled animals with the help of his wife Terri. Here they are with a huge albino - or white - Burmese python

Terri and Steve Irwin with an alligator

Steve grew up at his parents' reptile park. He became fascinated with animals after he was given a python as a present on his sixth birthday

Steve Irwin with a camel

He was really into helping people learn about - and protect - animals. Here he is with Kimberly the camel in 2003

Steve Irwin with wife Terri and daughter Bindi

Steve had two children with his wife - Bindi Sue, 8 (pictured above) and Bob, 3

Terri and Steve Irwin

The animal-lover always said he was very dedicated to saving endangered species. He set up the Steve Irwin Conservation Foundation to help do this

Steve Irwin in front of Uluru, once known as Ayers Rock

Australian Prime Minister John Howard said that Australia had lost a "wonderful and colourful son"

People pay tribute to Steve Irwin in front of his zoo

Fans left flowers at Australia Zoo after Steve's death was announced on Monday

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