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Last Updated: Monday September 04 2006 15:32 GMT

A day with a WWII evacuee

Press Packer Harry with WWII child evacuee James

During World War Two thousands of children in Britain were evacuated from cities to the safety of the countryside.

This meant that children had to leave their parents and start a life that was very different.

Press Packer Harry met up with James, a real-life evacuee to find out what it was like.

"I was excited to be spending the day with James.

He was eight when he was evacuated from Peckham in London to Pulborough in West Sussex.

Press Packer Harry
Long way away

We took three trains to get to Pulborough and when we arrived, James realised that it was exactly 67 years ago that he was evacuated!

He said it gave him good memories.

James brought along the same things he had taken as a child - gas mask, a suitcase which contained a spare shirt, short trousers, a pair of thick woolly socks, his glasses, a school book and a toy car.

I thought it was weird because I never wear shorts!

He was also given a bar of chocolate for the journey.

New family

James told me that some children were excited about being evacuated because they were looking forward to meeting their new family.

But some children were nervous because they were leaving their mum and dad.

Harry with James' suitcase and gas mask
Harry with James' suitcase and gas mask
I would have been nervous too!

Sweet shop

We went to see the house that James lived in. It's now a restaurant but it used to be a sweet shop!

James said that if he did all his daily chores he was given 10 toffees!

I thought his house was very small - I wouldn't like to live there.

We also went to the local church which James had to go to three times on Sundays.

The church had a watch tower as a lookout for planes and tanks. The tower is still there!

Back in time

I had a really fun day and found it very interesting to go back in time with James.

I think if I had to be evacuated I'd find it quite scary and would miss my mum.

But I also think that I would enjoy it like James."

Harry, 10, Nottinghamshire

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