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Last Updated: Friday September 08 2006 12:44 GMT

What do you think about healthier school meals?

Children eating school meals
Loads of children starting a new school term in England this week will be sitting down to healthier school meals.

Menus will include more fruit and veg and fatty food like chips will only be served up twice a week.

What do you think of the new, healthier school dinners?

Perhaps you've already been to school and have been munching on the new menus.

What did you think of them? Is the new healthier food tasty too, or did you not notice a difference when you tucked in?

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Your comments

I think it's up to us to choose what we want to eat!
Jake, 12, Ashby

I think our school dinners are rubbish! They might be healthier but they don't taste nice. Some people don't eat all day, so there is no point in us having healthy meals!
Missy, 13, Doncaster

I would like see more healthy meals at school but not very, very healthy! Just more veg and less chips and fatty burgers!
Grace, 13,Telford

I think it's a good idea but not really working as at my school we're not allowed to have salt on the tables but we're still being given unhealthy stuff like chips!
Emma, 13, Cheshire

My school doesn't have school dinners but I think that it is good that people have days of healthy eating and then maybe on Friday to end school you could have something like pizza?
Kieran, 10, Sussex

I don't really know what they're like, as I have packed lunch. But I can only hope that they are healthy because my little sister is going to be on school dinners.
Lilianna, 10, Whitby

I think it is a brilliant idea as children should understand that unhealthy food will make them obese.
Ellen, 12, Ireland

I think healthier school meals are OK but sometimes I don't like any of the choices!
Erin, 8, Paisley

I'm disgusted that the government is doing this! I'm 13 and I know what's good for me and what's not. I am not overweight, so why should I be told I can't have a chocolate bar every now and again?
Louise, 13, Stoke Church

I don't like the idea and I think it's silly.
Georgia, 10, Alford

I think they are a bit silly because what will happen is more and more people will bring in packed lunches with unhealthy food in.
Olivia, 12, Newton

I think this is quite a good idea to make other people healthier but I think small quantities of chocolate and sweets should be offered occasionally. But the whole idea on its own is excellent!
Aamina, 12, Peterborough

I like eating healthy dinners because I like all vegetables and most fruits. Less people might get school dinners though because there are no more chips or burgers.
Katie, 9, Gravesend

Yeah, it would be great if my school actually did healthy meals but there's still chips and pizza. They have put healthy stuff back in the vending machines though and made the ice cream man not sell us flakes or sweets!
Sian, 13, Leicestershire

To be honest there is not a big difference as I tend to eat veg and fruit anyway!
Emily, 11, Warrington

I think that it is a good idea having healthier school dinners because a lot of kids have chips, crisps or sweets on the way home from school anyway - at least kids will be now having one healthy meal a day!
Sophie, 13, Leigh

I think that it is great that they have introduced the new school menu. Let's prove that we aren't the fattest country!
Casey, 13, Durham

I think it's a nice change and I really enjoyed it. It's a lot better than I thought it would be!
Hannah, 11, Sidcup

This is a very good idea because not many children are eating right and school meals are usually not very healthy. So it is good to stop the obesity problem everywhere by doing this!
Helen, 9, Easely

Healthy food is good but at my school all we can eat is VERY healthy food which is fine most of the time but sometimes I really don't want fruit or salad and would prefer chocolate instead!
Erica, 11, Poole

This is just stupid! My friend who sat down next to me at lunch had a plate full of potato wedges and fried chicken! So much for the new rules!
Marcus, 13, Congleton

The new school dinners are not as nice! Why can't they just stop unhealthy snacks at break time?
Sarah, 14, Low Fell

I'm glad this has come in. I've been fighting for better school dinners since I started secondary school in year seven. My school already do healthy options but they put them alongside cakes, biscuits and the healthy food is unappetising and mundane.
Alice, 12, Lincoln

I'm have packed lunch so this doesn't effect me much but I like the idea of healthier meals. They should introduce it slowly and maybe even get us involved in making the dinners as they always say that getting us involved encourages us to eat it in and out of school.
Gemma, 11, Liverpool

We were one the first schools to have healthier school meals - Jamie Oliver just copied schools like mine!
Ezzie, 10, Colchester

I think that we should be able to choose what we eat not the dinner ladies or government.
Callum, 9, Middlesbrough

My old school dinners were disgusting, I once got a half cooked sausage roll but because I'd already half eaten it I couldn't get my money back, so I'm looking forward to new school dinners.
Tom, 11, Worcester

I think that it's great that we get a healthier option, but banning junk food completely does not apply with the rules of a balanced diet!
Ella, 12, Newport

I think, whatever the school feeds us, we will always complain!
Rebecca, 13, Tonbridge

I think that is better because it is more healthy and it makes us kids more active.
Aisha, 11, Clydebank

You're all going to get sick and fat if you get what ever you want at school. I think all schools should have healthy options.
Kate, 11

We've always had healthy food at school and our school has a "farm to fork" policy which means all our food is fresh and locally produced. We get to list any foods we don't like at the start of the year and if too many kids don't like them then they don't cook it.
Hannah, 14, Tonbridge

Yeah I like it a lot because children who are starting infants school will start eating healthy food and grow up with it and then they'll start to really like a everyday thing.
Jade, 13, Coventry

I think there is no point in making school meals healthy because kids will probably just start bringing packed lunches instead!
Vanessa, 12, London

I haven't started school but in the middle of the year my Head teacher emptied out all the vending machines! I do think it's a good idea and can't wait to see what they have on the menu this term!
Stephanie, 12, London

I prefer the new school dinners to the old ones. Our school now has a salad bar and have stopped selling unhealthy foods such as pizza.
Dave, 12, Peterborough

Yes they should be healthier. My school has healthy dinners which is good.
Sophie, 13, Langton

There wasn't really much of a difference. In my first year the dinners were awful but over the last few years they have really improved. Now I love the school dinners. Jamie Oliver had the right idea!
Sarah, 14, Northern Ireland

We have always had healthy school food and I don't mind only having chips once a week and I don't even like beans and burgers and stuff as I'm a vegetarian.
Abi, 12, Bath

I think that the new healthier meals are a really good thing. Some kids only want food that tastes how they want but they should realise that they can get diabetes, be overweight or obese from eating junk food all the time. Jamie Oliver RULES!
Al, 10, St. Albans

My school has healthy dinners but no one eats them.
Joanna, 11, Musselburgh

They are rubbish. We should eat what we want to!
Joan, 13, London

I think high-school children should be allowed to make their own decision on what food they eat - after all we are growing up and we need to learn the differences in food.
Cora, 14, Wakefield

I think school meals are not great at all. I have never liked them but I think this is a good idea!
Lucy, 12, Staines

I think that there should be a variety of food in schools. People should be able to decide what they want to eat.
Tessa, 11, St. Neots

I think it's a good idea. I have just started secondary school and the vending machines have healthy options. During break times you can see everyone eating healthy food and I think it's really great!
Hannah, 12, Peterhead

I like the choice in our school you can eat whatever you want, healthy food or unhealthy, but I prefer the unhealthy option. Yum!
Flora, 11, Cardiff

Our school meals are better as we get more chips!
John, 13, Glasgow

I went back to school today and everybody noticed that the chips had been taken off the menu, the fizzy drinks are not being sold anymore and there are more fruits and vegetables.
Rosa, 12, London

I had a sandwich with chicken, tomato and cucumber, it was really nice!
Ciara, 9, Liverpool

I know it's a strong word but I HATE my dinners at my school!
Gemma, 9, Glasgow

It's nice to eat fruit and veg but I think kids should not be forced to eat them all the time. Growing up is about making choices for yourself.
Maddie, 12, Leicester

I think a healthy meal in school is vital. My old school started doing this just before I left and I found myself with more energy at lunch times because I wasn't eating junk food!
Michaela, 12, Dublin

I think that healthy school dinners are good for us!
Ashleigh, 11, Lordswood

I think that healthy food is better but sometimes we should be allowed to have some unhealthy food. This way, it's fair!
Bethany, 7, Bretby

I think it's pointless because they tell you not to bring in chocolate and take it off you if you do. But they sell chocolate at brake time!
Frederica, 12, Birmingham

I think it is important for us to have healthy meals because it gives us more energy.
Caitlin, 11, Thingwall

I think it's a great idea. My school serves more unhealthy food than healthy food and it needs to change.
Sarah, 13, Llandudno

I'm really happy that they have made the food healthier although I'm not very keen on the taste!
Lula, 10, Purly

I think that healthy food is better because a lot of children are getting fatter from eating unhealthy food like chocolate and crisps.
Farah, 11, Wembley

I love healthier foods and I think it's great they do it at my school now!
Lisa, 10, Stamford

I had fatty school dinners last term and so it will be a bit strange having more healthier foods.
Daniel, 8, Crowthorne

I am not that bothered as long as the food is nice and tasty!
Chloe, 10, Stockport

There should be a choice of either healthy or unhealthy food because some people won't like some of the healthy food on some days.
Cerys, 9, Cardiff

It is a fantastic idea, especially as more and more children are getting fatter and unhealthier. It's going to help children understand how to eat well but I do agree you should choose what you eat, but if you don't know much or understand the effects of healthy food, why would you choose it?
Nowrin, 12, Nottingham

I think we should have a choice of what we eat.
Shannon, 11, Nottinghamshire

I think it's quite good that school menus are getting healthier and yet some foods that aren't so healthy but taste nice are still on the menu.
Emily, 12, Maidstone

I think we should not have healthy food if the school want us to be happy!
Demi, 10, Bracknell

I think it is a good idea because people are getting very unhealthy. I think it is all thanks to the chief, Jamie Oliver, that the changes are now taking place.
Jasmine, 12, Wrexham

I think it's a good idea, some people in my school are getting bigger.
Brogan, 12, Bromley

Our school is still making chips everyday! The head master doesn't care at all.
Jacob, 9, Bristol

I think it is wrong as some children might not like the healthy options. I also think the dinner ladies should not make children eat things they don't like!
Chantelle, 11, Birmingham

I think having healthier school dinners is a brilliant idea because some children don't have healthy dinners at home.
Rachel, 12, Newbury

I don't have school dinners, but the smell is enough to make me want to puke! I think healthier school dinners is a good idea.
Holly, 10, Brighton

I think the more unhealthy things are, the more expensive they are. So healthy food is cheaper than junk food. But I think we should still have a choice though!
Zoe, 12, Southampton

The government can make healthier meals and all that but the parents need to want to do healthy food for the kids too!
Tom, 12, London

I think it's a good thing to be healthy but our school are not doing it because they took away the vending machine and they brought it back after a week, and then they took it away again, and now they're selling crisps in the canteen!
Ifra, 12, Dewsbury

I think it's a bad idea because we should eat what WE want to eat not what the government says we should eat! We can just take sweets in a lunch box!
Beth, 12, Shrewsbury

I am very happy, I was fed up with seeing Turkey Twizzlers all the time on our school menu!
Sophie, 8, London

I think it's a good idea but they are just going to lose money! Everyone will just go down the street to get chips now!
Callum, 13, Pitlochry

I think people should be allowed to choose if they want to eat healthy food or not.
Lucy, 14, London

In my school we already had healthy school dinners. The dinner ladies cook everything by hand.
Hannah, 10, Witham

I think it's a great idea, but I'm not sure our school will do it. They took away the fizzy drinks saying it was healthier but then started selling chocolate!
Rhiannon, 13, Penarth

As long as they give us a choice of what we want to it then it's fine.
Gareth, 12, Cardiff

I agree that everything should be healthy.
Fona, 9, Plymouth

I think they should send us a menu and then people can tick off what they will and won't eat because I think lots of people won't eat it otherwise.
Megan, 13, Stafford

I don't think healthy school meals are not good as people don't like this sort of food.
Mothiur, 14, Leicester

I want to be able to choose what to eat and be able to eat what I want!
Amber, 11, Blackpool

Our school has great food and is amazing. There's loads to choose from and we hardly ever get burgers and chips and there is a huge selection of salads. And the pudding is usually not that fatty.
Alex, 11, Sutton

Yes, as it will decrease the amount of obese children.
Mari, 11, Llangrannog

I like to be able to choose what to eat but it will be good to have some healthy options now.
Oliver, 10, Blackpool

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