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Last Updated: Monday September 04 2006 06:20 GMT

Healthy new menu for school meals

Children eating healthy school meals

Loads of you going back to school in England this week will find healthier food being served up at lunchtime.

New rules mean school dinners will have to include at least two portions of fruit or veg and food very high in fat will only be dished up occasionally.

Things like chocolate, crisps and sugary fizzy drinks are now banned from vending machines in schools.

The changes are part of the government's plan to improve pupils' health and concentration.

The new rules also say that bread should be available every day along with free water. Low-quality meat has been taken off the menu.

Lessons in cooking

Cookery lessons will be offered to all secondary school pupils to help them cook healthily at home.

It's thought there about two million overweight children in the UK. Another 700,000 are obese, which means their weight could lead to serious health problems like heart disease and diabetes.

Schools in Scotland are also planning to bring in a junk food ban soon.

The Welsh Assembly and Northern Ireland's education department are also looking into how to make dinners healthier.

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