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Last Updated: Thursday August 31 2006 15:13 GMT

My dad has Multiple Sclerosis

Sam and her dad

Press Packer Sam, 12, helped to write a book about kids who have parents with Multiple Sclerosis - or MS.

MS affects the body's nerves and the book, called the Young Persons Guide to MS, gives young carers tips on how to deal with the condition.

Here Sam talks about what it's like living with her dad who has MS.

"About four years ago my dad was diagnosed with MS.

I felt scared and worried when he was first diagnosed. But after I was told that he wasn't going to die I felt better.

Sam with The Young Persons Guide to MS
Because of MS my dad has lost the use of his legs and is now in a wheelchair.

To help my dad I get him drinks or tablets or his injection.

Sometimes I think it's not fair because we miss out on a lot of stuff.

But there are some good things, like if we go to a theme park we get carers' wristbands which means you get to go to the front of the queue on rides.

Book tips

The Young Persons Guide to MS is a book about MS written by young children like me - for young people who've got MS in their family.

Sam and her dad at the seafront
The childrens' comments are the best bit because you can easily relate to them.

My top tip for anyone who has a parent with MS is don't worry, be happy and don't be afraid to ask any questions.

The bad things about MS with my dad is that he can get really ill.

But there are a lot more good things: he is always there for me and I feel a lot closer to him."

Sam, 12, Liverpool

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