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Last Updated: Thursday August 31 2006 15:04 GMT

Protestor fight to end coal power

Protestors at Drax

Hundreds of protestors are demanding the UK stops getting electricity from coal, by demonstrating at one of Britain's biggest power stations.

They're saying Drax, in North Yorkshire makes too much pollution, 21 million tonnes of carbon dioxide a year.

Others say it's not possible to just shut down stations like Drax as we rely on them so much for power.

Dozens of demonstrators have been arrested, and some of them tried to get inside the station.

Drax makes the electricity for seven out of every 100 people in the UK, so just turning it off would cause a big problem.

Some people say we should use something called nuclear power, which produces much less carbon dioxide.

Map of Drax area

However, others say nuclear power is very dangerous, and the waste it does produce stays around for a very long time.

Others say we should use more things like power from the wind, sea and sun.

However, others say they just don't produce enough power for our needs.

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