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Last Updated: Saturday August 26 2006 11:28 GMT

Britain's beaches gleaming clean

At the beach

There's good news for anyone planning to take a dip in the sea over the Bank Holiday weekend because Britain's beaches are at their cleanest.

A whopping 93% of 520 bathing spots got top marks in water quality tests.

Experts say it's down to the scorching weather in July because floods and storms often lead to pollution getting into the sea.

But it won't be hot, hot, hot this weekend. The forecast is for showers, with the best of the sun on Monday.

Only two of Britain's beaches failed to pass the water quality tests.

In Scotland, a total of 65% of beaches were classed as excellent. The figure was lower there because the weather hasn't been so warm.

There are concerns that the beach quality could get worse now that the heatwave is over.

A spokesman from beach testers The Marine Conservation Society said: "A lot of pollution is related to the weather and at the moment it's started to rain a little bit.

"If it rains very heavily, you get flooding. That in turn causes pollution to wash into the sea. That can bring the water quality down."