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Last Updated: Monday August 07 2006 16:02 GMT

Litter on our beaches is rubbish!

Press Packer Izzy

Beach litter is a real problem. Not only does it harm wildlife, it also costs millions of pounds to clean up.

The worst hit area is Cornwall - where Press Packer Izzy lives.

"I'm a surfer in Cornwall and I've been swapping the surf for the sand and checking out the beach for litter.

Cornwall has 300 miles of coastline - the largest of any area in England.

And every summer around five million visitors head to its beaches.

But unfortunately they always leave something behind - their litter!

Litter bugs

Last year the Beach Watch survey found 1,981 pieces of litter per one kilometre in the UK.

But here in the South West of England, the average was almost double that.

Beach litter can be anything from plastic to paper, fishing nets to old rope.

The biggest litter bugs of all are us!

The top five most found pieces of litter are:

  • Large plastic items

  • Smaller plastic items

  • Crisps, sweets and lolly pop wrappers

  • Plastic caps and lids

  • Cotton buds - because people flush them down the toilet and that's how they get there.

Leaving litter is a rubbish thing to do.

So next time you tuck into a tasty seaside picnic, please remember to bag your litter and bin it.

And help keep our beaches clean."

Izzy, 9, Cornwall

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