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Last Updated: Friday August 04 2006 10:52 GMT

Turtle could be saved by tagging

Image: Zoological Society of London

Technology could be the key to the survival of a rare turtle.

Satellite tags are being attached to the critically endangered hawksbill turtle as the creatures make their way across the Indian Ocean.

Scientists say the tags will show them where the turtles are hiding out so they can protect these important nesting areas.

Poaching, fishing, disease and loss of habitat have long threatened the survival of the creatures.

Their nests are often raided for eggs and the turtle is also hunted for its shiny shell.

The Zoological Society of London (ZSL) is behind the project and the turtles' progress can be monitored on its website.

"It is imperative to try to protect the nesting areas as best as possible," said a ZSL spokeswoman.