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Last Updated: Wednesday August 02 2006 15:36 GMT

Quiz: Camels

Camel in the desert

Question 1

What do camels usually eat?

A: Rabbits
B: Grass and salty vegetation
C: Beans on toast

Question 2

How long is a camel's pregnancy?

A: 215 - 235 days
B: 390- 410 days
C: 545 - 565 days

Question 3

What group of mammals do camels belong to?

A: Camelids
B: Camelots
C: Cameras

Question 4

How long is the average lifespan of a healthy camel?

A: About 10 years
B: About 20 years
C: About 50 years

Question 5

What's a baby camel called?

A: Calf
B: Kitten
C: Kid

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