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Last Updated: Wednesday August 02 2006 16:08 GMT

I helped count dolphins

Press Packer Jamie
Press Packer Jamie spent the day at the Whale and Dolphin Centre at Spey Bay.

In his report he tells us what the centre does and he also gives us tips of what we can all do to protect the area where dolphins live.

"The coast of Scotland is a great place to go dolphin watching.

I live around here so I'm used to seeing dolphins and other things like whales and porpoises.

But it's still exciting every time I see them!

It's really cool seeing these creatures up close.

But there's lots of hard work to be done to make sure their habitat stays clean and safe.

Number check

I spent the day at the Whale and Dolphin Centre at Spey Bay. It's an old salmon station but now it's dolphin HQ.

Press Packer Jamie looking for dolphins
In search of dolphins
I logged all my sightings - which helps us keep an eye on numbers.

The centre educates lots of visitors about dolphins.

And lots of people do research.

But you don't have to live on the coast to protect dolphins.

There are things we can all do to help:

  • Wherever you are, don't drop litter.

  • Be careful with balloons - most of them end up in the sea.

  • And watch what you put down drains - chances are it'll end up in the sea.
Not too close

A dolphin ambulance has started work along the coast - coming to the rescue when they get stranded.

And dolphin watching boats sign up to the Dolphin Space Programme so people can see them without getting too close.

It's amazing being with dolphins.

And we're all getting better at looking after them."

Jamie, 12, Spey Bay, Scotland

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