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Last Updated: Tuesday August 01 2006 11:50 GMT

Quiz: Billie Piper

Billie Piper

Question 1

Where does Billie come from?

A: Telford
B: Swindon
C: Stevenage

Question 2

When was Billie born?

A: 1980
B: 1981
C: 1982

Question 3

What was her character in Doctor Who called?

A: Lily Plumber
B: Lavender Thatcher
C: Rose Tyler

Question 4

What was Billie's first number one single called?

A: Because We Want To
B: Because We Say So
C: Because We Know It

Question 5

What's her middle name?

A: Simon
B: Paul
C: Roger

Question 6

What was her last episode of Doctor Who called?

A: Doomsday
B: The Parting of Ways
C: Rose

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