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Last Updated: Wednesday July 26 2006 17:36 GMT

Newsround chats to Lebanon children

The recent violence in the Middle East has seen hundreds of people killed in both Lebanon and Israel.

The fighting in both countries showing no signs of stopping yet, and much of southern Lebanon has been really badly damaged.

Newsround spoke to two children who have just left Lebanon to come back to the UK and another child whose brother and sister are still out there.

Batol, 11

We went to the airport on the 12 July. We went to sleep at midnight, and then at 3.30am I was woken by a bang when Israel bombed the bridge.

The next day at 8am we travelled to east Beirut to my other aunty's house and we hid there. Every bomb that came I started to be sick because I was really scared.

Then my mum kept calling the embassy and they wouldn't help for seven days. Finally they helped and we got a boat to Cyprus which took 11 hours to get there.

And then we waited four hours to get a plane and then flew back to the UK.

We were going to Beirut with my family. We were planning on going to the beach and the seaside and swimming but then everything changed and we had to come back.

Beirut was on the floor, there were only around two buildings still standing. It wasn't like it used to be.

It was like the end of your life. You were saying goodbye to everybody like you were going to die.

Hussein, 10

We got to Lebanon, went to bed and slept for four hours. Then we heard the war aeroplanes and them bombing the bridges next to my aunty's house. The bombs sounded like the end of the world.

When I went to Beirut before all the houses were nice. Now they're all knocked down and all the people are gone. It's empty. I don't want to go back again.

It took three days to come back. I didn't want to leave because my family are still there. It's not fair.

I want everything to go back again to how it was.

I feel scared for my family because they're living in a war and I'm living somewhere safe.

Yasser, 12

My big brother and big sister are in Lebanon and I'm scared for them.

I haven't been able to speak to them for five days but the last time I spoke to them they were alright.

We phone them and text them to get in contact, but the phones haven't been working for a few days. We spoke to our aunty a day ago, and she said they were okay.

Israel started bombing Lebanon a few days after my brother and sister got there. And then we phoned them, the first time they were alright.

I'm sad because I'm meant to go on holiday as well and Israel is bombing everyone.

When I spoke to my brother and sister they said that all the buildings in Beruit were crushed down and there was dust all around. They are sad.

Later in the week Newsround will be talking to some Israeli children as well.

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