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Last Updated: Thursday July 27 2006 15:59 GMT

Have you experienced hi-tech bullying?

Boy receiving a text
The government has sent all schools new advice on how to deal with what's called cyber-bullying.

Cyber-bullying is being bullied via mobile phone or the internet.

Research shows that 20% of kids have experienced this sort of abuse, where often you don't know who's doing it.

Have you ever been a victim of bulling by mobile phone or e-mail?

If so, what did you do and does your school already have rules to help stop this sort of abuse?

Is it harder to try and deal with this kind of bullying as you can't escape from horrible texts or e-mails?

And are camera phones making the hi-tech bullying problem even worse?

Your Comments

I think the bullies who are cyber-bullying are cowards because they won't say stuff to the actual person. I've never been cyber-bullied but I think it's terrible and so you should get help and don't be scared to tell anyone!
Jenay, 12, London

I was bullied on Piczo and some person put an offensive thing on my guest book but luckily my friends have stuck up for me.
Kimmy, 12, Malpas

I was bullied online and I think it just goes to show that these bullies are cowards.
Fergus, 12, Stratford-upon-Avon

Some bullies use MSN and Bebo as a way to cover their tracks so the best thing you can do is expose the bully for what he/she really is.
Josh, 13, Oxford

I haven't been bullied by text or e-mail yet and hoping it will stay like that because it is horrible and wrong.
Aimee, 12, Bournemouth

I got bullied by MSN. I got called all sorts of names and I felt so alone and cried lots. I'm ok now though but I'm still afraid of that person bullying me on again, even though I have deleted her address.
Jennifer, 12, Wallington

I have a website and so does my friend and someone pretended to be me and write loads of really bad stuff. Now I have had people calling me really bad names, including my friend!
Rebecca, 11, London

This girl that I didn't know started sending me threatening messages on MSN. I told my friend and when the girl started sending messages I just added my friend to the conversation as well and this girl has never sent anything else since!
Rhiannon, 13, Derbyshire

For no apparent reason, this person I didn't even know started sending abusive stuff to my mobile and threatening me. I was so scared that I changed my number.
Harriet, 11, Glasgow

I've been bullied by the computer. I didn't know what to do but then I just switch off the computer to stop it.
Fatima, 8, Cornwall

Yes, I have been cyber bullied but it was from someone who lives close to me and she only bullied me on the internet. I think bullies are only looking for attention.
Rachael, 12, London

Someone using MSN called me horrid names. I knew it couldn't hurt me that much, but it did make me really upset and I felt so self aware. So I put a block and deleted them out of my account. It's the only thing to do!
Katie, 11, Peterborough

I had some bullying online from people twisting what I had really said. I didn't involve any parents and just tried to ignore it and in time it stopped.
Christina, 13, London

I have been bullied and offended but luckily on the website that I got bullied on only members are allowed to chat.
Dani, 10, Redditch

I was sent horrible texts and left voicemail messages by a 'friend' and also texts and emails from another lad that was bullying me in school as well. I told my mum and I blocked the boy on the computer, but he still bullies me at school even though he has been reported three times.
Heather, 13, Newton Le Willows

I was bullied on MSN and I tried to ignore them but they made me cry. Now I have deleted and blocked them. It's the best way to deal with it!
Carlie, 12, Hampshire

I have never been cyber-bullied and I hope I will never be!
Katherine, 11, Woodford Green

My friend used to get bullied on MSN by this girl at my school. We told a teacher and she got really told off. She continued to bully her until my friend blocked her. It helped loads.
Alex, 13, Maldon

I hated when I was being bullied. I used to be scared every time I was called or texted. I hated it so much!
Hatty, 12, Uckfield

The fact that bullies use cyber-bullying as a method to hurt innocent people shows how cowardice they are!
Katherine, 11, Woodford Green

A girl at school used to cyber-bully me over the school's e-mail we were given. She used to sent e-mails with nasty swearwords, but would deny it when I told any teachers. She then managed to hack into my e-mail account and sent loads of rude messages to everyone, as well as deleting every message in my inbox. It's totally out of order!
Becky, 12, East Grinstead

I got bullied over MSN by a boy who used to be my friend. He started making snide comments but then it just got worse and worse, like horrible threats and rude name-calling. I got upset about it so I started telling mum and she talked to his dad. I began ignoring him and it stopped.
Louise, 13, Cheshire

I think cyber-bullies are cowards. They text because maybe they are too scared to actually say stuff to the actual person.
Ellie, 10, Wycombe

I was called names by a random person who added me on MSN but we found out he had lied to my mate saying he was 16 when he was only 12 in the end I just laughed as he was pathetic.
Alice, 13, Camborne

I have had about five bullying text messages but I just ignored them even though they were sent by people I knew.
Rachel, 11, Llandudno

Yes, I have received some horrible texts off a boy in my class.
Suzannah, 13, Wirral

I was bullied over the internet. They bullied me about my brother but I think that they only did it because they didn't have anything better to do!
Beki, 12, Southend

A girl at my school sent me lots of e-mails telling me that my pets, who are very dear to me, had died. It was the inter-school system so I couldn't delete her address. However, I told a teacher and she sorted it out. If you are being cyber bullied, you must tell someone!
Kelsey, 12, Ipswich

I have been bullied on instant messaging by a friend of a friend. She started calling me names so I started ignoring her. When I did this it got worse so I've blocked her now and deleted her from my list.
Sarah, 13, Rochdale

A girl in my class logged onto my MSN account, deleted some of my contacts and made my screen name insulting to others. It's stopped now, but I was really scared.
Kate, 12, West Wickham

I went on a chatroom and someone started asking me questions that I wasn't comfortable answering. He pretended to be my own age when he wasn't. I framed him one day in front of half the members of the chatroom, and now he never logs on to the system.
Abigail, 12, Surrey

A boy in my class kept sending me nasty e-mails about my skin colour. I showed my dad and he went to school to sort it out. Get help if it happens to you!
Ikra, 7, Doncaster

I got bullied over MSN and I found it hard to get it to stop. I deleted my account and I am now very aware about who I give my address out to.
Marliese, 13, Edinburgh

I got a couple of bullying e-mails but just ignored them. I'd see the person that sent them when I went out but they never said anything, they were too scared to do it any other way than email. It proves that bullies are cowards.
Chris, 13, Reading

My friend and me were both being text bullied. They would send messages about me to her mobile and they were really scary as they called us bad names and others said 'we are watching you'. We told a trusted teacher though.
Holls, 11, Bedford

When I first joined secondary school my number ended up being given to most of my form group and for the next three months I received upsetting texts and photos. I had to change my phone number and because I didn't know who sent them I started to distrust my friends.
Katie, 11, Hitchin

I was a victim of bulling when I used an internet chatroom. I was having trouble with a boy in a different class and he ended up threatening me so I went straight to the Principal and he said he was to ┐confused' about the issue so I walked out of school and called my parents, they took me home and got the police involved, because the school refused to do anything.
Ben, 14, Ashby-De-La-Zouch

A girl in my year kept sending me nasty mails about my hair colour. I didn't know who it was at first but then I started to get more emails and recognised the address. I told my mum straight away and she went to school to sort it out. This girl leaves me alone now, and I'm not bothered about my hair colour anymore!
Rebekah, 11, Biggleswade

I think bullies are just cowards. They think it alright to do it but it isn't.
Catherine, 13, Crawley

I think this is a way of bullying that shows that the bully is cowardly because it isn't face to face with you, although being face to face can still be very difficult and upsetting.
Gareth, 12, Cardiff

I was bullied over the internet and I didn't even know the person. I told my mum and dad straight away and they emailed the people who ran the site.
Nicola, 11, Cheadle

I think this sort of bullying is much worse than the physical kind coz it's really sneaky and it makes you feel really terrible.
Jamie, 12, Brighton

I had two bullying texts sent to me and I showed my Mum and she went to school to sort it out. I was really afraid the bullying would carry on but my teachers stopped it happening again by punishing the bully. Get help if it happens to you.
Laura, 14, Bristol